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12 kitchen storage spots you completely forgot about

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Optimising kitchen storage is one of the most beneficial things you can do for yourself for a plethora of reasons. It will help you better prepare for a healthy lifestyle, for entertaining and keeping your family efficient and functional.

Ironically enough, there are many kitchen storage spots that seem to go unrecognized and underused. With this article, we really hope to change this by giving you some clues as to where the best spots in your kitchen are. Take a look below and see if some of these wonderful spots seem familiar. We bet they do…

1. Clever corners

Modular kitchen corner unit designs homify KitchenCabinets & shelves

Modular kitchen corner unit designs


Corners are a fantastic place to install clever storage systems and units You would be amazed at how much storage one tiny corner can provide. Speak to a local professional to see what your options are for your current kitchen situation.

2. Railing

Perhaps one of the easiest on this list—metal racks to use wall space for utensils, spices and herbs. When done properly (as seen here) it can make your kitchen look incredibly modern and sophisticated.

3. Sliding doors and pullout drawers

If you have an upper-level pantry, try a vertical sliding door for efficiency and place pullout drawers below for heavier items that may need more protection, like baking utensils and spices.

4. Drawer organisers

This is a tried and true method of keeping kitchen utensils organised—install drawer organisers to keep everything neat, separated and clean.

5. Pampered pantries

Bespoke oak larder homify Kitchen

Bespoke oak larder


This is what we're talking about when we talk about taking proper care of your kitchen, your food and your health! Install racks or interior drawers for optimised storage.

6. Exposed shelving

Shabby Chic Design Kitchen Schmidt Kitchens Barnet Kitchen MDF Blue
Schmidt Kitchens Barnet

Shabby Chic Design Kitchen

Schmidt Kitchens Barnet

If you're not into the minimalist and modern design trend of exposed shelving, then how about trying it on a lesser level? These small, inconspicuous shelves are perfect for easy accessibility to coffee and tea cups and cake plates.

7. Make everything slide

Instead of annoying doors to open and close during hectic cooking moments, try sliding cabinetry as a great alternative!

8. Traditional pantries

Never underestimate the power of the classic, traditional pantry. As long as you keep it organised and clean, you should have all the space you need!

9. Use your island

Kitchen islands are handy items to have and can give you a lot more countertop space for food preparation and entertainment. You should also consider them as substantial storage providers as well! 

10. Bench seating doubled as storage

Flairlight Project 1 Oxshott, Tudor House Flairlight Designs Ltd Modern style kitchen
Flairlight Designs Ltd

Flairlight Project 1 Oxshott, Tudor House

Flairlight Designs Ltd

If you're looking to accomate lots of guests in your home and also wish to not lose any storage space, then why not double-up with storage-friendly bench seating?

11. Floor shelving and cabinets

Don't forget about leg room and bottom storage! Most people tend to look to walls and upwards for ideas on where to store things—we suggest you look down instead…

12. Don't overthink your options

If you make an effort to keep everything neat and organised on a daily basis, then you won't have to think so much about expensive and hard-to-install storage. Nevertheless, use the items available to you and get creative and eclectic.

Check out this article for more ideas on how to get a clever kitchen storage scheme!

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Do any of these spots seem familiar to you? Tell us which you prefer by commenting below!
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