30 of the best designer kitchens for every style

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LEICHT Küchen AG Modern style kitchen
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Kitchens come in an uncountable array of different styles and designs, so picking the right scheme for you can be a bit daunting. You might not even know where to start.

Well today, we have put together a big list of 30 kitchens that are striking and distinctive for their design to spark some hidden creativity within you. We have everything from the subtle to the complex, from bare minimals to incredibly ornate, and we're positive you'll find at least a few that suit your personality and tastes. 


1. Natural

High Gloss Open Plan Kitchen Schmidt Kitchens Barnet Modern style kitchen MDF Beige
Schmidt Kitchens Barnet

High Gloss Open Plan Kitchen

Schmidt Kitchens Barnet

First up on the list is something for the nature-lovers out there. Light brown parquet flooring paired with all white interior and fittings create the perfect backdrop for these gorgeous vines and house plants.

If you're using this much wood in your kitchen, be sure you know how to properly take care of your wooden floors.

2. White wonder

Modern, contemporary Kitchen with Peninsula Schmidt Kitchens Barnet Modern style kitchen MDF White
Schmidt Kitchens Barnet

Modern, contemporary Kitchen with Peninsula

Schmidt Kitchens Barnet

Here's another example of an all white kitchen, but this time it takes on a more modern vibe. Clean, straight lines, up-to-date appliances, and contemporary seating portray that 21st century style.

3. Two tones

Wood effect open plan kitchen with island Schmidt Kitchens Barnet Modern style kitchen MDF Wood effect
Schmidt Kitchens Barnet

Wood effect open plan kitchen with island

Schmidt Kitchens Barnet

Two-toned kitchens like this one really make a splash, and it's so easy to coordinate. This lovely turquoise is the perfect match to this dark matte brown we have for the kitchen island and shelving in back.

4. Pastoral

The rustic theme is a favourite among so many homeowners and from this kitchen, we can see why. Beautifully crafted wooden furnishings and subway tiles used for backsplash create a wonderfully uncomplicated and pastoral atmosphere.

5. Streamlined

A white colour scheme with accents of striking silver and grey create a streamlined and sophisticated kitchen that are all the rage these days. This kitchen reminds us of the setting of our favourite cooking show!

6. Bold colours are allowed

Don't shy away from bold colours! Even in this kitchen, where yellow takes over, we still get a great style.

7. Neutrals

Soft neutrals create a state of the art yet subdued class that is lacking in kitchens with stark contrasts. For those of you that are more down to earth, this is the style for you.

8. Brick accents

Brick is a wonderful addition to any space, but in the kitchen, it really makes a statement. Brick lends an historic look, warms up the kitchen, and might just make you feel like you’re in an urban loft.

9. Retro touches

Differentiate in your style by adding different touches here and there. Add retro flair with appliances like this curvaceous yellow refrigerator.

10. Extensive counters

For those of you with extensive families, you need something like this handy extensive countertop. Fit for a few or a mass, it's the perfect congregation space for any occasion.

11. A step up

The Kitchen Johnny Grey Kitchen
Johnny Grey

The Kitchen

Johnny Grey

Up your kitchen game with a radical kitchen island like this. Gracefulness and practicality are the words that come in mind when we view this kitchen.

12. Old fashioned

For the old fashioned at heart, take some inspiration from these classical cabinets. Each with its own distinct pattern, it makes for a lovely patchwork that somehow blends together perfectly to create a humble abode.

13. Go crazy with wood

In this kitchen, we see wooden accents in all their glory–and in every variety! From cabinetry to the kitchen island, and even the support beams and the ceiling. And as you can see, it's certainly not an overwhelming aesthetic, either. Going crazy with these wooden features will create this grand and rustic effect.

14. Keep things open

This kitchen style integrates much more of nature than any other style in this list. Why? Because of the openness with nature, of course! Surrounded by glass, you can't help but take in the natural scenery, and the materials used for the kitchen itself are quite organic in nature. The metallic and wooden accents remind us that these fittings came from the nature we're surrounded in.

15. Don't say no to orange

We know that orange is a difficult colour to style with, but in the kitchen, it's one of the most welcome colours. That's because orange boosts our creativity and inspires us–perfect for when you have to whip up a generous meal, don't you think?

16. Disco fever

Although hard to determine upon quick glance, this is indeed a kitchen and not a nightclub. These fantastic purple LED lights project their brilliant colour on the white cabinetry and walls, and these stainless steel appliances really bring home that disco fever. What do we get from this kitchen? Here we realize that if we want to change our kitchens, sometimes the simplest thing we can do is change the lighting.

17. Going purple

Keeping with the purple theme, we have our next kitchen that uses purple accent strips throughout the kitchen for a futuristic and retro combo vibe.

18. Delicate

For the delicate flowers out there, this quirky spiral floral theme could be just what you need to turn your plain white kitchen into an interesting piece of art.

19. The classiest

Chelsea Kitchen Lewis Alderson Kitchen
Lewis Alderson

Chelsea Kitchen

Lewis Alderson

Here's a classic example of what you can accomplish with traditional black and white. This kitchen is the classiest of them all with ornate tableware and furnishings, and that classic black and white tiled floor just brings it all together. 

20. Layers

This kitchen gives a wonderful layered look to this overall industrial setup. This interesting countertop can slide in and out from underneath the larger part, giving more style and function to the space.

21. Blue hues

the blue kitchen ZERO9 Modern style kitchen

the blue kitchen


Blue is a great colour in any room of the home, but in the kitchen, it attributes a sense of calm and style, and somehow lifts our spirits.

22. Don't forget about storage

Cornforth White Shaker Kitchen homify Kitchen

Cornforth White Shaker Kitchen


This remarkable white kitchen is on this list to remind us all that storage is our friend! In any variety, whether it's hidden storage under the kitchen island, gloriously large cabinets, or open shelving.

23. Tile choices

Tiles can even be mixed and matched to create interesting spaces. This floral pattern on the floor is surprisingly compatible with the checkered pattern on the wall.

24. Red is always welcome

Just like the bold yellow kitchen we saw earlier, red has its very own place in the kitchen. As a rather overwhelming shade, using it in moderation is best. You can get all the inspiration you need from this kitchen right here.

25. Elegance

This deep mahogany cabinetry paired with white countertops and walls fashions an elegance that we tend to find only on television, but this style is definitely not out of your reach.

26. Black and white

Black and white is always a striking colour combination to use. In this kitchen, it generates forth a serious and dominating atmosphere.

27. Blended

Here we have a cute mixed-style kitchen and dining area. It's rather Scandinavian in overall design, but then we have this very rustic, unfinished dining table that makes us think twice about complementing features.

28. Light is important, too

This kitchen shows us that natural light is more than welcomed in this space–it's actually needed. 

29. A humble home

Creating a humble atmosphere is easiest with a variation of wooden tones and matte white. Even Martha Stewart would be jealous of this kitchen.

30. Something different

Our last kitchen lets us look at something a bit different. Sure, we've seen the kitchen island before and we know of its many benefits, but have you seen a kitchen island quite like this before? The curved nature gives character to an overall geometric and static space, and the stark colours are simply to die for. So whether you copy this kitchen, or any of the other 29 we've gathered, be sure to let us know which kitchen inspired you most!

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What kinds of ideas did you get from viewing this article? Be sure to let us know in the comments section below!

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