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13 ideas for kitchens with a balcony or garden

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As homeowners, keeping something alive, growing those items which you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle (or simply as a hobby) is one of the best experiences you can have. You've heard of tips and tricks that enable homeowners to feel more at home, quicker—well a balcony herb garden or a garden in general is a great way to accomplish this task. If you're lucky, you might have a kitchen that's attached to a wonderful balcony-wonderland—or perhaps your single-family home has an extensive garden.

This might be a situation you dream of, or it might be a reality for you—either way, we have several ideas for kitchens with a balcony or garden listed below—all of which can be accomplished with a bit of thought and some tender love and care. 

Whether it be for herb gardens combination entertaining (indoor/outdoor) or for health and lifestyle reasons, combining these spaces works well together and makes sense to those that appreciate the  hobby of cooking and providing. 

1. French-style doors to keep it open

Sliding or garage-style doors are great, but french-doors are a great way to make a more traditional-style home feel open and fresh. Add some skylights like seen here and you just might have a perfect kitchen. 

2. Skip the sheers

Forget traditional window coverings of any kind—sheers, curtain or bamboo roll-outs—in order to keep your kitchen bright and open to the outdoors. 

3. Pergolas

If you geographic location, region and climate allow, opt for pergolas for the perfect outdoor fully-equipped kitchen. Just consult an interior architect first…

4. Exterior kitchen environments

This pergola mixed with a slightly traditional roof offers the best of both worlds. Plenty of space to successfully eat outdoors in all types of weather, and a pergola that you could attach vine to for a super cosy look!

5. Large-scale doors

Big bifolding doors to let the light in! homify Minimalist house

Big bifolding doors to let the light in!


Like a New York-style brunch hot-spot, sometimes one large door can solve all of your problems. 

6. Sliding doors

The most traditional option on this list, yet also the most popular. Simple sliding doors offer an abundance of natural light and an easy way to access your patio or garden during food prep. This home has both normal sliding doors, and large scale ones that line the dining area, how perfect!

7. Accessible balcony doors and bright light

Musterhaus Falkenberg 139 Skapetze Lichtmacher Modern style kitchen
Skapetze Lichtmacher

Musterhaus Falkenberg 139

Skapetze Lichtmacher

Imagine this modern and bright kitchen has one simple door to access a balcony. Perfect for a morning espresso and croissant session.

8. Kitchen extensions are best

De Beauvoir Rear Kitchen Extension Gullaksen Architects Modern style kitchen
Gullaksen Architects

De Beauvoir Rear Kitchen Extension

Gullaksen Architects

The flat and horizontal nature of this room has both asian and natural influences. The tall, narrow doors with access to the patio area add height and an interesting design concept to this dining area. 

This London-based kitchen extension is another example of how great these spaces can be.

9.Glass… walls?

Wrap around window in the kitchen Fraher and Findlay Modern style kitchen
Fraher and Findlay

Wrap around window in the kitchen

Fraher and Findlay

Want a window in the kitchen but need more sunlight? Why not extend the glass portal upwards for a sleek glass ceiling motif?

10. Keep it bright and white

When balconies and gardens are connected to kitchen it already adds extra light and a combination of indoor and outdoor spaces. In order to make your space look super large and clean, simply paint everything white!

11. Extend raw materials to the interior for cohesion

This rustic and modern kitchen has extended what most would call exterior materials to the indoors, creating a cohesive and seamless transition.

12. A more traditional setting

Orford | A classic country kitchen with coastal inspiration Davonport Kitchen Wood

Orford | A classic country kitchen with coastal inspiration


A tall angled ceiling and large-scale windows, what more do you need? Well, this series of traditional french doors with dramatic drapes has added a country-fresh view point to this room.

13. Enjoy the space you have

Bistro Table and Chair Set Garden Trading Garden Furniture
Garden Trading

Bistro Table and Chair Set

Garden Trading

Lastly, no matter what type of space you kitchen, balcony or garden offers, make sure that you enjoy it. Especially during those limited sumer months (depending on where you're located) get out and enjoy what's yours with a fresh meal and a homemade, infused water.

Either way, bringing the outdoors into your kitchen has health and lifestyle benefits that you can't deny! We hope that you design a space that gives you freedom to be healthy, productive and meditative. 

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What do you think of these combined spaces? What do you love about them? Tell us below!
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