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This home in Aba, Oleiros, designed by AD + Architecture was completed in 2012. The design studio places a strong emphasis on functionality; they seek to rationalise both the design and the construction system. Everything from material selection to ventilation and air conditioning systems is carefully considered and developed to ensure an optimal living environment and a manageable budget! 

To this end, it is no surprise that the firm opts for prefabricated constructions. With continually increasing housing prices, it becomes more and more difficult for first-time buyers to acquire a house. And it's not just house prices that are increasing, but construction costs, too. A recent rise in the popularity of prefabricated homes comes as no surprise. Prefabrication reduces the total cost of construction, largely thanks to the speed of execution. Labour is one of the most costly aspects of building a home, after all. Let's take a closer look at this home to see the many benefits of going prefab…

The exterior

The use of modern materials creates a thermally comfortable living space, which also enables increased energy savings. It's aesthetically rational and economically rational: beautiful and cost effective. 

We can also see photovoltaic panels propped atop the flat roof. Everything has been considered!

Outdoor living

At the ground level, the large glass sliders open onto a generous timber-decked terrace. The wonderful outdoor living space provides a great mediation between inside and out. 

With no step separating the social area on the interior from the one on the exterior, the transition is almost seamless. And, sheltered by the protruding awning, one is sheltered by the elements as they enjoy the fresh air. 

Second floor terrace

It's not just the ground level that is afforded outdoor living space, the little box that pops out from the flat roof also opens onto its very own private terrace space. 

Functioning as a lookout to survey the beautiful landscape, it's the perfect spot to enjoy a summer evening. 

The interior

This level also has a fantastic indoor-outdoor connection. The large windows and doors allow a strong dialogue between the interior and exterior while also crafting a well-lit and welcoming room.

The interior is as sleek and minimal as the exterior. The bespoke furniture is made to measure and works perfectly in the space. The storage is rationally designed and located along the back wall, making for a well organised and clutter free space.

The stair

Even the stair incorporates storage into its stunning minimal design. The white mass features shelves and drawer elements. Timber steps line the top and a glass balustrade is a sleek final touch.

This pre-fab home demonstrates the benefits of a streamlined design and manufacturing process. Reducing labour and costs, the client obtains a beautiful home without the hefty price tag. If you enjoyed your tour through this home, you may also like to take a look here: 6 modern modular homes you'll love.

What did you love the most about this gorgeous home? Let us know in the comments below!

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