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18 of the most stunning home exteriors ever

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They say you can't judge a book by its cover, but is that really true for all things in this world? We think not, and we have some amazing examples to show you.

Today we're focusing on curb appeal with 18 of the most stunning home exteriors ever! And what's more, we're taking you around the world for this tour. You'll not only see beautiful homes from the United Kingdom or Germany, but also a selection from Korea and Turkey. And that's not all–each of these exteriors, created by genius international architects, offers something different. We have quite a few 21st century masterpieces along with a few truly wild design schemes.

One thing's for sure, though. These homes will have you begging to know what lies inside. But enough talk, let's get to these praiseworthy properties!

1. Transparent

First up on the list is this magnificent home in the UK. The architects at Gregory Philips sure know how to craft a captivating contemporary dwelling, and we have these spacious and plentiful windows to thank for that.

2. Traditional style

Here in the Netherlands, we're bringing you back to a more traditional design. This home gives off a welcoming and homey vibe with its time-honoured structure and use of natural materials.

3. Brick kick

We find our next home in one of the main tourist centres of Turkey, and that is the gorgeous city of Bodrum. This home is something really spectacular. Fashioned completely from durable brick and reinforced steel, this exterior gives off a castle-like impression, similar to what we would feel in the presence of Bodrum Castle itself.

4. Yes, there are floating options

Here in the harbor city of Hamburg is where the real fun begins. As a city that is intersected by hundreds of canals, options for homes becomes that much more interesting. If you haven't already guesses by the image, this home is floating on the Elbe. 

5. Here in Hollywood

This is exactly the type of home you'd expect to find in Hollywood. Ultra luxurious and with every amenity imaginable, these residents can kick of their shoes and relax by the pool in style and comfort. 

6. A home that commands respect

This gracious and immense home would have anyone feeling like they're living in the land of milk and honey. A pure white exterior, a lovely front garden, and incredible palms create a delightful and alluring atmosphere. We know we'd love to catch the next flight to India to check out this wonder home.

7. Avid design for passionate people

We all know about the fiery passion of Latin Americans, but in case you're unaware, you can get a good idea of it from this home in Brazil. Bursting with intense colour, this rustic villa fills us with the spirit of the South.

8. Double the excitement

Here in Korea, we have a double-decker that is sure to appeal to everyone. What we love about this two-storey home is the interesting orientation of the upper half. Who would have thought that pivoting this portion would turn out so good? And because of this interesting choice, these residents get a complimentary balcony!

9. Who's the fairest of them all?

Here in the desert, we have something we don't often see in more urban areas. This façade was built using alternating reflective material and timber to make the home literally blend in with its surroundings. The mirrored portions draw us in, while the wood keeps us from losing sight of the home completely.

10. Back to Brazil

We had to take you back to Brazil to show you this outstanding home. No other place on earth offers this amount of lavish luxury. An exquisite lawn, cute garden path, a massive pool, and an unblemished glass façade with steel and wooden frames would turn even the most adventurous among us into homebodies.

11. Mixing it up

This next home offers a bit of two different design styles. One half is comprised of pristine white and gorgeous line work, while the other leans towards the country side with is brick and wooden elements. 

12. Why not a castle?

We spoke briefly about castles earlier, so why not show you a home that really resembles one? Here in the UK is where we find this heritage home.

13. When the interior isn't enough…

SUNSET STRIP RESIDENCE McClean Design Modern houses
McClean Design


McClean Design

Here in Orange County, we have more than enough space inside to fit a hundred guests, but just in case that isn't enough, this home also has a very generous outdoor entertainment area complete with elongated fireplace, so no one has to feel the evening chill.

14. Green in more ways than one

MEERA SKY GARDEN HOUSE Guz Architects Modern houses
Guz Architects


Guz Architects

This next home in Singapore is something truly remarkable. In addition to being eco-friendly, this residence is refreshing gives us a piece of architecture that is tranquil, inspired by nature, yet human in scale.

15. Now that's integration

This Turkish dream home is what we really call an integrated property. Imagine walking out on to your terrace, sitting down at its edge, and sticking your feet into crystal cool water. That's all possible with this stunning home that says no to divisions in space.

16. Winter wonderland

Winter is no match for this super fortified home in the Ukraine. Even though this façade has more windows than solid wall, it stays warm even during the coldest months and let's these residents view the winter wonderland that surrounds them.

17. Dream-like

This patchwork home in Columbia is any nature lover's dream. Just look at how effortlessly the exterior blends in with its surroundings and seems to take on the life of the tree standing behind it.

18. Let's hear it for New York

Our last stop is in the famous city of New York–East Hampton, to be exact. If the timber and concrete exterior doesn't inspire you, we're not sure what will! This home's massive and imposing façade, coupled with the flawless front yard, invites us to come inside and experience what it's like to live in the lap of luxury. Of course, each home on this list does the same.

If you enjoyed these properties and are looking to up your curb appeal yourself, then you might be interested in how to design a beautiful front garden!

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Which home in the list did you like the most? We'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below!
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