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10 things people with a clean house always do

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 Nobody likes to come home to an untidy house; it’s unsightly, stressful and chaotic. That being said, finding the time to keep on top of everything can be difficult, and for many of us the space constraints of living in a modestly sized property makes finding enough storage a problem too.

 However, there are a few tips and tricks you can use as heuristics to help you keep a tidier home, so we’ve compiled a list of ten of these tips to help you keep on top of the housework.

 Read on a take the first step to a tidier home…

1. Accumulating lots of possessions

 It's fine to be a little overly sentimental and accumulate a lot of possessions, as long as you store then out of sight! Keep things in a closet, storage box or behind a curtain.

The picture above is a great example; the cases serve as an accessory, but they also give you immediate space to store things in.

2. A tidy hall

 Hallways accumulating clutter? It’s understandable, the hallway is particularly prone to mess if you’re on the go and in a hurry. 

However, there is a simple solution – hang a few hooks on the wall so you can easily get hold of the everyday things that you need such as shopping bags, keys, and coats.

3. Its OK to show off your office supplies

 Office supplies and documents are OK in the open; in fact folders, storage boxes and textbooks may be best seen so that you have easy access to them when they’re needed. 

Just make sure that these items are neatly stored in a dedicated cabinet and arranged by color and type to make sure the place looks neat and tidy.

4. Use an unexpected place for storage

There are places in your home that prove to be excellent unexpected storage space. In the example above a closet has been built around the fireplace with ample room for storage, but there are many other ingenious options for extra storage.

5. Hang shelves

  Perhaps the simplest way to increase storage—therefore decreasing clutter – is to hang shelves. A few screws, two brackets and a piece of wood cut to the right size and voila! You have extra storage.

6. Create a place for everything

 One simple tip for maintaining a tidier home is to make sure everything has a designated place.

 For example, on your desk designate a particular space for your pens and a different space other stationary, and so on—of course you can also apply this strategy to other places in the house.

7. Keep everything in its place

Building on point six, make sure everything stays in its designated space. When you’ve used a particular item from a certain desk drawer, make sure it goes back in the same drawer when you’re finished.

8. Make sure your clothes are neatly folded and stored

 Neatly fold and store your clothing appropriately. Clothing scattered around the home is one of the biggest culprits for creating clutter so make sure you have enough storage designated for your clothing.

9. Keep drawers organised

 Don’t just sweep clutter under the rug by bundling it in a drawer without thought as you’ll end up wasting time looking for items, and in doing so, you’ll probably create more mess searching through every drawer. Interior designers swear by this tip.

10. Organise your wardrobe in a logical way

Make sure separate space has been designated for different items and keep the clothing you wear the most in the most accessible places.

That's the interior covered, but how do you keep the balcony neat and tidy?

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Have you got any helpful tips for keeping a tidier home? If so, let us know in the comments below!
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