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11 photos of a rustic house to inspire you to build yours

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BAM! arquitectura Country style house
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It can be difficult to merge various architectural styles without resulting in a hodgepodge of incongruent materials and aesthetics. But here, the architects, BAM Arquitectura, have managed to do exactly that in a contemporary and sophisticated way. In the expansion and modernisation of this existing home in the country, rustic chic meets high-tech modern design: the contrast is stunning.

Located in San Isidro, Argentina, the home is simultaneously traditional and contemporary. The rustic abode sits perfectly in the natural landscape, offering a cosy and homely retreat with all the comforts of contemporary innovation. Come with us as we take a look through the photos of this wonderful home!

Abundent openings

A large glass window that wraps the corner of the house, giving a contemporary feel to its architecture. The openings are thoughtfully placed according to sunlight direction and angles, ensuring that the interior has adequate natural lighting and an ideal thermal environment.

A new layout

The transformation of this house saw the total living area expanded. The layout was adjusted to make the space more open plan and social: the new design is perfect for entertaining friends and family. The cosy country style has been preserved, while modern solutions have been implemented—old and new interact in delightful ways.

Inside-outside connection

One of the clients wishes was to connect the various environments of the home, including inside and out. The eaves extend out to create shelter over the corridor wrapping around the side of the house. This extends the living area of the home to the exterior, where a cold drink can be enjoyed en plein air!

Outdoor living

The outdoor veranda enlarges up at the corner, making space for an outdoor dining table. The beautiful timber battens lining the underside of the eaves are framed by a sleek steel structure, rendered in black. 

Modern meets rustic

The modern structure has a striking minimalist aesthetic—the perfect offset to the rustic brick building. It's not only beautiful but functional, too. What a wonderful space for outdoor living.

The interior

From the exterior, we could start to see that the more intimate areas of the home, such as the bedrooms and bathrooms, were contained is in a more private block of the house to ensure privacy. While, the social areas, such as the kitchen, living room and dining room, are located in a more open and exposed area of the home that is connected to the exterior.

Large openings and neutral colors are combined with the natural wood elements to create a light and airy living space. The pendant lights hovering above the dining table give the space a modern touch. 

The kitchen

The kitchen completely adopts the minimalist style that began to weave its way through this beautiful country home. It is the perfect fusion of form and function. The state-of-the-art finishes and modern equipment are sophisticated and striking. It's the perfect kitchen for those who like to cook with friends because the large island allows for unobstructed circulation and provides plenty of space for people to gather around the kitchen.

The bathroom

This closeup of the bathroom highlights the key element of this design: a residence that brings the best of the home's rustic origins together with the finest modern styles and comfort. The unfinished brick wall contrasts the sleek white vanity. 

Night lights

And, it's just as beautiful by night as it is by day!

Feature lighting

The brick facade has various light fixtures that highlight the texture of the exterior at night. Careful thought and attention to detail is given to every aspect of this home and it certainly paid off.

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