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7 inspiring home renovations with ideas to copy

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Do you have repairs to do but are stuck for ideas? Simply trying to get back to an original design? Trying to choose a style but lost for how to implement it?

We will do our best to try to answer these all-important queries in this article dedicated to repair ideas and and their realised potential. The following seven repairs are all of different sizes, styles and difficulties—so take a look at these solutions and expand the boundaries of your opportunities when it comes to your own projects!

Before: redevelopment

As you can probably tell, this apartment in Italy isn't exactly new and at its best. The owners never imagined that this little flat could ever become a work of art. 

Besides the fact that absolutely all the niches were used for the organization of the chic modern space for living and recreation, there was also the semi-circular brickwork to create a curved wall to separate different spaces.

After: Curved wall

After repair, the semi-circular wall looks amazing. Because of the laconic modern finishes, it is almost invisible, but if you look at it closely you can see all the charm of smooth, curved lines that animate beautifully modern interior. 

Soft, curvy walls are perfect for interior design styles such as modernminimalistclassic and art deco.

Before: an old barn

This old barn has been repaired several times before becoming a model of elegant modern design. Let's see what ideas are combines to create the feel of a modern village home. but still maintaining the foundation of the old barn. 

Due to its size, however, it would be more appropriate to call it a hangar or a large barn (which just makes it better when thinking about making a home out of it!).

After: the farm house

So, what do we see here? High, smooth ceilings concealing any imperfections or irregularities of the roof above, large, panoramic windows that stretch from floor to ceiling, underfloor heating, modern finishes and simple painting of the walls and zoning through furniture.

Before and after: designer kitchen

The kitchen was large even before its transformation, and it comes alive with its brand new modern style. With the addition of a kitchen island and dining area, it's a lovely space in which to spend time. 

After: integrated modules and decoration

The skilled experts have produced a fantastically elegant finish to this room. Small partitions have been added to the main wall with art deco style mirrors and windows, as well as a warming fireplace, a TV unit and illuminated neon filaments in a Turkish style of decoration.

Before and after: an old corridor repair

Surprisingly, corridors often give us more trouble than the other rooms in the home. Here a long and uncomfortable corridor that became a beautifully designed hall with storage!

Before: a terrible state

Few people dare to buy an apartment in such a state without the means of giving it a complete and total makeover. However, you can transform it quite easily (and inexpensively, too!) as you can see below…

After: stylish loft

The salvation of a budget repair is the minimalist style. Plaster grey shades, metal work and timber furniture help to brighten up the simplicity of the humble interior design, and heating and small windows help to keep it cosy and warm.

Before: average apartment

This late 80s overhaul has been desperately needed for a while now. So the owners have blessed it with an update!

After: beautifully stylish

The idea of the breakfast bar was a particularly good one, making the room modern and friendly, whilst the ceramic flooring and united kitchen and living room area integrates two-tone furniture with coffee and cream kitchen furniture.

Before: layout planning

This was the plan for the rejuvenation of a home…

After: redevelopment

After redevelopment, things change; they arranged another bedroom (for children) near the dining room, and the living area was located on the former site of the corridor and closet. A bathroom and part of the living room was used to create two bathrooms.

We have much more about interior design and charming home surprises here on homify, so why not check out this home that went from cluttered and old fashioned to modern and minimal!

Which repair was your favourite? Let us know in the comments below!
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