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Decorating your house: Don't make these 7 mistakes!

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When it comes to picking out new fabric for the curtains or a new colour of paint for the walls, playing interior designer is a lot of fun—but not always easy. As much as we may try our best, the houses in those interior design magazines can seem so far away and out of reach to us. Maybe we get a little too carried away by the latest trends and our own feelings of creativity.

Unfortunately (or fortunately, if you look at it that way), there are no rules that dictate how you should decorate your home, but there are a number of mistakes and mishaps that can makes fools out of the best of us. 7 of them await you below!

2. Everything in colour

Menora Residence Moda Interiors Modern style bedroom
Moda Interiors

Menora Residence

Moda Interiors

The problem: You have decorated the entire room in matching colours, fabrics and patterns. It seems that everything melts together, making the room appear smaller.

The solution: Vary the colors, fabrics and styles for pillows, throws, rugs and upholstery.

Tip: Overkill is never in fashion. Limit the colour theme you want in your bedroom. For example, colour the furniture or walls, but not both.

2. Furniture in the wrong place

The problem: You have put the furniture against the walls and now you face a blank space in the middle of your room. The room feels very small now.

The solution: Place furniture away from the walls and turn them into a group in the middle of the room. You will find that there is much more space even though it feels more cosy.

Tip: If you prefer to have an open space, leave a few centimeters between the wall and the furniture. You will see that it looks like the walls are farther away than they actually are.

3. Dark wallpaper

The problem: Patterned wallpaper in a room with dark colors. Light barely reaches the corners, and the room appears smaller.

The solution: Use lighter shades for furniture and accessories. They make the space open, airy and much more inviting.

Tip: If you really want to use a dark wallpaper in your home, keep it to a single feature wall.

4. Accessory overkill

Dining Room homify Modern dining room

Dining Room


The problem: you have filled every available spot with accessories, souvenirs, and other frills, and are now stuck with a mess of a room.

The solution: Put everything together in a closet and create seasonal collections of your favorite items. Change them regularly instead of putting everything together.

Tip: Say goodbye to some of your knick-knacks are give them to a charity shop or a friend—let someone else enjoy them!

5. Half-length curtains

The problem: your curtains are too short and hang halfway up above the floor. This makes the room feel smaller and the ceiling look lower.

The solution: Use long, flowing curtains that drape onto the floor. This makes the room feel taller and bigger.

Tip: Put a curtain rail as close as possible to the ceiling and shorten the height of the window sill. This lets you create the illusion of a high ceiling.

6. Too much furniture

The problem: You have too much furniture placed in a room and now you seem to have hardly any room to move.

The solution: Move excess furniture to other rooms in your house. For example, move a comfy chair from the living room to inside your bedroom, so you've got a new place to read a little and lounge on lazy days.

Tip: Do not place furniture in front of the windows. Clear windows create the feeling of depth and space in and around your home, so it's best to keep furniture out of the way.

7. Poor lighting

The problem: There is only one lamp in the room, which makes it feel small, dark and locked.

The solution: Choose three lamps and spread them across the room. The extra light will reflect on the walls light up the dark corners (yay!).

Tip: Place your lamps in particularly dark area of the room to illuminate them.

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Which of these interior design mistakes have you made in the past? Let us know in the comments below!
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