5 small bathrooms that don't envy larger ones

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Efficient, functional and often cute, small bathrooms are a recurrent theme in the concept of architecture and common, single-family homes. We understand the tendency to prefer a larger kitchen, or living room—even a dining room. However, there's truly no need to envy a larger bathroom when it can come fully equipped with everything you need and have great design!

We wish to stop your envious thoughts dead in their tracks with these five wonderful and small bathrooms below. From great colour schemes, to fun and unique accessories and modern appliances, they truly have everything you'd ever need!

1. Cosy and bright

If you're willing to enjoy your small bathroom, but wish to make it appear slightly larger  then simply stick with bright white and white ceramic items to make it look and feel bright, alive and clean.

2. Modern and lively

A glasss encase, step-in shower is one quick way to make your small bathroom seem up to date and contemporary. Add some great metallic or coloured tiles for an added modern touch.

3. Worldly inspiration

You should consider different materials, even for smaller bathrooms. These pearlescent tiles combined with the great, bold flooring and modern installations are reminiscent of a five-star hotel in an exotic location. 

4. Natural suggestions

One of our favourite trends is the use of dead tree trunks for industrial design products. Coffee tables made from repurposed wood are great and eco-friendly, but here in this small bathroom it's even used for a great vanity. The textured walls make for a sleek space as well.

5. Total white

As with our first option, bright white is great for natural light, cleanliness and a sense of freshness. Double-up on the white by also going the extra mile to white accessories and even a fresh bouquet of flowers. Don't forget to have efficient small bathroom storage to keep everything neat and organised. 

We hope these bathrooms have convinced you to stop having envy for larger spaces—remember, quantity (square meters) doesn't always mean quality (great design!)

Which of these small bathrooms is your favourite? Why? Tell us and share more with your friends!

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