8 ideas to refurnish your kitchen

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Building or remodeling a kitchen can be quite costly these days. To maintain the budget and quality, we need to make a better choice about materials used in floors, cabinets, and countertops. The idea is to utilize the best materials at a competitive price.

According to experts, the first thing you should do while remodeling is to explore the options available to you. It’s a vital step, if you really want the job to be finished under the right budget. To help you out, are some of kitchen inspirations:

​Explore the wood options

Krishnakumar Residence dd Architects Kitchen
dd Architects

Krishnakumar Residence

dd Architects

Wood can be expensive if you don’t realize what you are picking. Get the renovation done with the help of pine woods as they are perfect for cabinets and comes with a low price too.

Even the life value is higher in comparison to other materials. So, here you have a budget solution for wooden works.

​Place ceramic backsplashes

Despite being an expensive option, granite and marble have ruled the kitchen area for years. But, if your budget is not allowing you to build a full marble kitchen, then it’s better to stick to ceramic backsplashes.

To maintain the warmth of the kitchen, the designers of this house opted for wooden cabinets.

​Select the most economical granite

Granite is one of the superlative options when it comes to cooking areas. Since it comes in a wider variety, you are surely going to find one that suits your budget and requirement.

Even the cost of application can be kept to minimum by selecting a cheaper variety.  The huge mirror here lets you connect with the outdoor view while cooking. We can say that the ruling materials of this place are glass and granite.

​Reuse the materials

To completely change the aesthetic of your kitchen, you can reuse the existing materials. Here we are talking about the furniture you already have. If the kitchen cabinets are made up of sanded woods, paint can always work in your favor. For other wood material, we will recommend lamination.

Hire someone good and your kitchen can be transformed into a brand new space.

​Experiment with the versatility of MDF

MDF is medium density fiberboard and it is a perfect choice for kitchen cabinets and other furniture.  Use them wherever you want and to maintain the harmony, paint it with the color of your choice. Here, the designers went for textured paints to bring the resemblance of wood.  For the rest of the kitchen, you can go for granite as well as marble.

​Place stones only the mesons

If you really want to save on the kitchen structure, place the granite or stone only in mesons. As for the walls, go for other materials like ceramic tiles, bricks, and paints.

​Place mini brick tile glass

Mini brick tile mirrors are quite a rave these days. Coming in multiple colors, these mini brick mirrors are ready to add super stylish look in your kitchen.

Here, it beautifully proposes shine to the kitchen and combines ethnicity with modernism.

​The fabulous microcemento

Microcemento is gaining extreme popularity in the market these days because of its versatility. Being available at a great price, microcemento has been recommended as the right option for countertops. Go without any hesitation as it imparts the right aesthetic appeal to the kitchen.

Try one of these materials and decorate your kitchen with just the right appeal and warmth. None of the materials used above is going to exceed your budget and you can enjoy just the perfect house.

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