10 signs your home is tidy and well cared for

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The state of your home reflects directly on you, so it's important to make a good impression with a clean and tidy home. It's not just about how it appears to guests either, clutter and mess can cause stress in our own lives, even if we don't realise it, so a tidy home is crucial for promoting relaxation. This doesn't mean you have to spend all your time making sure your home is perfect though, in fact it's really easy, and we're going to show you how.

The key to keeping a tidy home is always staying on top of things before they get out of hand. Clutter and mess builds quickly, and before long the task of cleaning up can seem like too much. But never fear, simple considerations like organising your cupboards, and ensuring you have ample storage will make a huge difference in how you perceive your house, so let's take a look at some tips to keep your home looking tidy and well cared for.

1. The bed is made

This one is so simple, but so important. A well made bed will have a huge impact on how your bedroom looks, and in fact will make up for any other mess there may be. This is good for when you're busy and don't have time for a spring clean, just make the bed, and you'll immediately notice the difference.

2. Your books and magazines are well organised

Ruche size Large - aluminum Ruche shelving unit Living roomStorage
Ruche shelving unit

Ruche size Large—aluminum

Ruche shelving unit

It doesn't take long for a living room or bedroom to become covered in open books and magazines. Ensure you're not scattering your books all over the house by giving them a home with a bookcase. There are all kinds of different bookcases and storage options out there to fit the decor in your home, just like this fabulous hexagonal piece.

3. You have a tidy hobby space

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The Cotswold Company

Farmhouse Ivory 9 Drawer Chest

The Cotswold Company

Hobbies are incredibly important, they promote creativity and relaxation, and help us to grow as a person. Unfortunately hobbies also tend to be pretty messy affairs. Dedicate a space for arts and crafts, and use a set of drawers, or something like this quaint basket unit, to keep everything tidy and organised. We bet you'll also find you're far more productive.

4. Sleek surfaces remain sleek

Wood effect open plan kitchen with island Schmidt Kitchens Barnet Modern style kitchen MDF Wood effect
Schmidt Kitchens Barnet

Wood effect open plan kitchen with island

Schmidt Kitchens Barnet

Places like kitchens and bathrooms where you are using sleek materials need to be kept clean to maintain their sheen. Give all your surfaces a quick wipe after every use to make sure that grease and grime doesn't build up, and leave you with an insurmountable task when you do get a chance for a full clean.

5. You have a clean bathroom

It's crucial to keep your bathroom sparkling if you have guests in your home. Apart from the obvious hygiene considerations, a dirty bathroom can be an extremely unpleasant experience, and will really affect how people view your whole home, so make sure that you keep on top of it!

6. Surfaces are uncluttered

Tropical Retreat | SEMI-DETACHED Design Spirits Kitchen
Design Spirits

Tropical Retreat | SEMI-DETACHED

Design Spirits

Keep your table and countertops clear and uncluttered. This will promote tranquility, as mess tends to subconsciously affect our mood, and it can build up quickly. It's important to ensure that you have plenty of storage to prevent mess from accumulating, and finding a proper place for things that we tend to leave around such as salt and pepper will make a huge difference. This dining room features a number of innovative accessories for keeping things out of the way.

7. Your kitchen is well ordered

Bespoke oak larder homify Kitchen

Bespoke oak larder


The kitchen is one of the first places to get bogged down in clutter, and it's totally understandable. With our supermarkets suddenly rich in spices and condiments from around the world, we often end up with too much to fit in our kitchen. Make sure you have a well organised pantry, and consider upgrading if necessary, to keep your kitchen convenient and looking great.

8. You have a well manicured garden

The garden is a great place for entertaining guests, and its often the first thing people see. If your garden is messy then people will associate that mess with the rest of the home, so make sure you don't neglect your outdoor area! Keep your garden free of weeds, and trim your plants when necessary to keep your outdoor area looking beautiful and tidy.

9. Clothes aren't strewn throughout the house

Especially as the weather cools down, we often end up with an abundance of clothes tossed about the home, on couches, the backs of chairs, and sometimes just in a pile in the corner of the room. Dealing with this can be as simple as hanging your coat up when you get in at night, but a well ordered wardrobe is really the only way to permanently solve this problem. Make sure you've got plenty of space for your clothes, and consider a walk-in wardrobe if possible.

10. There's plenty of storage

Ultramodern Loft | CONDOMINIUM Design Spirits Living room
Design Spirits

Ultramodern Loft | CONDOMINIUM

Design Spirits

The only real way to deal with mess is to find a proper place for it, but often we underestimate just how much storage we need in a home. Large units like this have multiple functions; there's a surface for ornaments, it operates as a functional room divider, it looks stylish, and most importantly it's huge so you can fit everything in. Consider getting a couple of extra cabinets, sets of drawers, or really any storage units, and you'll find you instantly halve the mess.

It's really not so hard to keep your home tidy and clean, it's just about doing the little things regularly so that they don't build up. For some more great tips for your home check out these gorgeous autumnal colour palettes!

Have you got any great tips for keeping the house tidy? Tell us in the comments!

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