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A stylish Milanese apartment

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Fabio Azzolina Architetto Living room
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This stylish interior is characteristic of the design studio, Fabio Azzolina Architetto's, impeccable aesthetic. Based in Milan, with over 15 years working across residential and commercial spaces, his studio's work is, unsurprisingly, often featured in glamorous magazines. The clean and sophisticated aesthetic favours the use of both classic and contemporary Italian designer furniture pieces. His meticulous attention to detail is coupled with an unabashed use of colour and the results are always thoughtful, refined, and fun.  

This particular interior, filled with stylish, designer furniture and bold colours, is certainly no exception. Come for a tour through its varied and wonderful spaces to see for yourself…

The living room

Every inch of this 220 square meter apartment has been given the designer's signature touch. A large artwork hangs on the end wall providing inspiration for the colour palette that would ensue.

The furniture selections and placements are the key feature of the design: sleek and contemporary pieces in neutrals are accompanied my bolder accents and are offset by more classic pieces, such as the Eames arm chair. 

The bathroom

Colour is no stranger in the bathroom either. The bright striped rug extends through the room, providing a softer, cosier touch underfoot than that of the tiled floor. Two bright orange chairs take a cue from the hues in the rug adding extra pops of colour. 

Master bedroom

The bedroom opens onto an adjacent sitting room. The sitting room comprises a wall-hung television, a side- board that wraps around the corner to form a window seat, a comfy armchair and a coffee table. Once again, colour isn't scarce. Although nor is it overdone. The paired-back white walls and natural timber floors provide a subtle canvas, allowing the colours of the furniture to take over. 

Two rooms in one

Back to the living room, we can see that it is divided into two distinct areas. No barriers or truncating walls necessary, the placement of the furniture suffices to distinguish the spaces. The large floor rug establishes a locus about which the various pieces gather. 

Entry lobby

Before we conclude this tour, let's return to the beginning, or perhaps the end: the entry, and the exit. Paired back and simple, the bright white space retains the original tiles floor and features a line of suspended bulbs tracking through the space. The lobby is equally simple and restrained. A silver pendant is slightly offset from the two red chairs sitting in the middle of the room.

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