How to design your dining room according to your star sign

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Venus Table SOAP designs Modern dining room
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There's an astrological saga going on at homify recently, and it's time to explore other rooms of the home to suit each zodiac sign perfectly! Speaking of zodiac, we're taking the opportunity to compare the different styles of each sign.

The dining room is very often the zone in the house where we are social with friends and family; whether guests or otherwise, the dining room is always where good company meets good food. This is why the style of the dining room shows so much about the owner's personality and social habits. Although this is hardly an exact science, we can determine each style through each zodiac sign's general traits and habits and try to hit the nail on the head. Please join us in exploring these 12 dining rooms!

A cheerful dining room for Aries

Venus Boardroom/Dining Table SOAP designs Modern dining room
SOAP designs

Venus Boardroom/Dining Table

SOAP designs

Lively Aries enjoys bright and cheerful spaces with many colours. Being the child of the zodiac, Aries enjoys playful rooms that are informal and with a colour palette that brightens the whole home. The more intense the colour, the better.

Warm tones for Taurus

Taurus favours rooms like this, with warm, earthy tones and a place where food is taken very seriously. This particular sign loves friendly, informal spaces instead of  more traditional ones.

An intellectual room for Gemini

Sometimes, you just can't separate Geminis from their books, even at meal times. They need constant mental stimulation and most rooms in their homes with double as a library. As air signs, they need a well-ventilated space with good light.

A family room for Cancer

Cancer is the most maternal of the zodiac signs. Their dining rooms are likely to be very homely and well-stocked. It isn't uncommon for them to gift you grandmother's recipes, extra meals and scones when you visit them.

A room of pure luxury for Leo

Dining room at the Chester Street House Nash Baker Architects Ltd Classic style dining room
Nash Baker Architects Ltd

Dining room at the Chester Street House

Nash Baker Architects Ltd

Leo is a sign that feels more comfortable in a place that seems worthy of royalty. The sun is their ruler, so yellow and gold are their favourite colours which will reflect in any interior design they control in their own homes.

An immaculate room for Virgo

The fastidious and perfectionist Virgo prefer minimalist spaces, but maintain an organic quality as required by the earth element. This dining room strikes a perfect balance between warmth and minimalism, with its tables and chairs in clean lines. Soft colours, floor lamps and wood are present throughout the room.

A well-balanced room for Libra

Libras are always in constant search for balance. They feel more comfortable in dining rooms that maintain a level of uniformity; matching table and chairs, for example. Eclectic dining rooms, for instance, are definitely a no-go area for them.

A dramatic room for Scorpio

Formal Dining Room, The Wilderness, Wiltshire, Concept Interior Concept Interior Design & Decoration Ltd Eclectic style dining room
Concept Interior Design & Decoration Ltd

Formal Dining Room, The Wilderness, Wiltshire, Concept Interior

Concept Interior Design & Decoration Ltd

Scorpios are great lovers of dramatic spaces with a little mystery. A colour palette like the one in this dining room will attract them immediately, and the addition of candlelight adds a bit of magic and mystery to its atmosphere.

A transportable room for Sagittarius

Dining set Deja Ooh Industrial style dining room
Deja Ooh

Dining set

Deja Ooh

Sagittarius is busy squeezing the most out of every second of their lives and escaping boring routine. The folding chair is ideal, as maybe they would like to eat in the garden one day—they can easily move camp and have a cookout.

A solid room for Capricorn

Capricorns are successful and work hard to achieve the home of their dreams. A solid, traditional dining room satisfies this sign's craving for security which is so common for earth signs. They usually have very good taste, within fairly conventional parameters.

A gregarious room for Aquarius

Aquarius needs a lot of freedom to furnish their spaces. The imagination of this sign leads them to incorporate different elements achieving very eclectic and strangely harmonious spaces at the same time. They like being surrounded by friends, so the dining room is an environment that will be used all the time.

A beachy-feel room for Pisces

The eccentric and sensitive Pisceans enjoy spaces that remind them of the beach and its water is vitally important element in their lives. Thus we find that even your house or apartment in the city has a coastal air that's quite irresistible.

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