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7 amazing interior doors for your home

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When it comes to doors, often all we think about is the front door; the one people see as a first impression, therefore the door that you tend to spend the most time on. But what about the interior doors? They can be left shabby, old and without a thought—but they can affect the overall vibe of the house, too.

Here at homify, we want to get you jump-started with a few ideas for your home's interior doors. We've collect 7 of the best inspirational ideas we could find just for you! They are versatile and stylish and can fit into almost any design style you desire. Take a look!

1. Double doors

For a spacious house like this one, it just doesn't seem right to have a single small door from room to room.

Double doors like this compliment the space that they're in, and their windows mean that some light is shared between rooms even when closed. Disturbances such as noise and a cold draught can be avoided but you can always keep your eye on the door in case!

2. Subtle art

We have seen doors that are carved from wood in intricate detail and large, medieval-style doors design to intimidate, but nothing like this gorgeous, subtle door of decor. 

The smoothly frosted glass diffuses light from room to room, but also displays a beautiful little piece of art in its design. So for that extra tiny little pop of personality, add some frosted window art.

3. Sleek and sophisticated

For a home full of modern style, classic doors with a modern twist work a treat. They can make a room look high-end and classy, whilst also being classic and tasteful.

On the other hand, if too many doors makes you feel like it's too much, simply using thick curtains works well! They look beautiful, keep warmth in a room and are easily changed.

4. Rustic and rolling

We love this rustic stable door that you can slide from closed to open. It reduces the need for space where the door would otherwise swing out and looks cute and quirky. For small homes or cute, rustic styles, this type of door is amazing!

5. Stained glass art

Stained glass will never cease to be incredible. For centuries, stained glass art has been admired. That's why we found this spectacular door to show you, so you can know that a powerful project like this is never impossible.

It's classy, stunning and colourful—especially when the sun shines through it!

6. Industrial style

The industrial style has taken the world by storm, and this set of double doors proves why. It's sleek and simple, yet adds so much to the overall atmosphere of an industrial style home. 

Black iron bars separate the frosted windows into elegant squares, providing privacy and soft light through two rooms. 

7. Sliding windows

Why not have a large, panoramic sliding door? You can see into the room at all times without having to deal with its noise and perhaps cooler temperature, and sliding one window to the side is a pretty cool way of making an entrance. It doesn't cut off any light and they're also remarkably energy efficient. 

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