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15 autumnal balconies that everyone can copy

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As the weather cools down many of us will shut our balcony doors for good, not considering our outdoor spaces again until the sun returns, but we've got a better idea. Just because the temperatures are dropping doesn't mean you can't spend time outside, in fact the refreshing autumn breeze will do wonders for your wellbeing, plus the views are always gorgeous. With that in mind, today we're going to look at some ideas you can copy in your home to make your balcony autumn-ready to make sure you don't miss a single leaf falling from the trees.

So what makes an autumn balcony? The key is comfort. Luxurious chairs, awnings, even a full kitchen makes an appearance in this list. Remember as long as you have some protection from the elements on your balcony, be it a high wall or simply an umbrella, you can rug up and feel just as cosy as you would in your living room.

1. Protection from the elements

This balcony features a high wall to protect the balcony from wind and horizontal rain. This means that no matter the weather you can enjoy your outside area. The outdoor lighting is a great touch, especially as the sun goes down earlier.

2. Bean bags

Bean bags may just be the most comfortable seats ever invented, and they are a must-have for your balcony in autumn. Perfect for curling up with a book, all you need is a warm blanket, and you'll be snug as a bug in a rug!

3. Dinner for two

Between the beautiful colours and the leaves drifting down gently from the trees autumn may be the most romantic time of the year. This means it's perfect for a little dining table for two, like this simple but adorable set-up. This balcony also features another important autumn feature with shades that can be rolled down when the weather takes a turn for the worse.

4. Autumnal plants

It's great to take advantage of the turning leaves, so choose seasonal plants that will change colour and drop their leaves to decorate your outdoor area. You may have to sweep them up once in a while, but we promise the magical sight of your bronzing trees will be worth it.

5. Fortress like protection

If you live in a particularly volatile area in terms of the weather we recommend that you protect your balcony as much as possible, you could even take a page of out of this architect's book with a sturdy brick construction that will stand up to the fiercest winds!

6. A rope swing

This rustic balcony looks so very charming! With its hardwood aesthetic it looks just like a log cabin, the perfect autumn getaway. But what we really love is the balcony swing, perfect for entertaining the kids, or you could go larger for a romantic couples swing.

7. Artificial turf

If you're reluctant to let summer go, and frankly we don't blame you, then artificial turf is a great way to keep that lush summer green in your life all year around. Decorate it with some light and bright colours, and you can pretend that the change in seasons isn't happening at all.

8. Keep it cosy

There are lots of solutions for outdoor furniture that no longer restrict us to folding chairs and wicker. Treat yourself with a luxurious outdoor sofa and bring all of your creature comforts outside!

9. Blur the line between interior and exterior

This fantastic balcony is completely covered, and looks just like an indoor dining room, replete with an opulent chandelier! This is perfect for autumn, as you can enjoy the fresh air and dazzling vistas, while still feeling like you're cosy inside.

10. A games room

Balconies and terraces aren't just for enjoying the view, while away the winter hours with your very own outdoor game room! Perfect for entertaining guests, this set up proves that the summer barbecues don't have to end just because October rolls around.

11. An outdoor kitchen

Perhaps our favourite thing about the weather cooling down is the return of the hearty hot meal, but that doesn't mean you have to take it inside. This stunning kitchen is entirely outside; warm yourself by the fire while enjoying the brisk autumn air.

12. Full wall sliding doors

This is a fantastic way to enjoy your balcony in the cooler weather. With full wall sliding doors you completely open your home to the outdoors, meaning that you can enjoy all the benefits of your balcony from inside.

13. An autumnal colour palette

To really get into the season use an autumnal colour palette to set the mood. Consisting of oranges, browns, and deep reds, one easy way to achieve this look is with natural woodgrain and neutral furniture like this stylish balcony.

14. Ready to party

Autumn is actually the perfect time to entertain; you get to enjoy spiced cocktails, and people can dress in their most sophisticated evening wear, that means break out the fur! Set your balcony up with ample seating, a few cushions for comfort, and hold an elegant soirée.

15. A cosy sunroom

Okay so this isn't exactly a balcony, but with winter sure to follow autumn, it may just be better. Deck your sunroom in as many cushions as you can for a cosy little corner where you watch the rain patter on the window and sip a warm cup of tea.

Now you're fully primed to set-up your own balcony for autumn! For more great outdoor tips, head over here.

Which balcony idea is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below!

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