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10 rustic homes that will make your heart pound!

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Few houses have the ability to awaken the senses and make us feel as comfortable as rustic houses or wooden chalets. In them we find the story, and we also become part of another story. We also find elements of nature in its purest form due to the materials from which these houses are built and because they are typically rustic and reflect the lifestyle of the countryside.

Today, we here at homify are showing you some charming houses and interiors that reflect the purest beauty of the rustic style, especially when surrounded by even more natural and pure landscapes. Scroll down and pick your favourite!

1. Rustic with charming design

This is a property that was built with a rustic, yet more modern architecture… at the bottom of a mountain! Beautiful for its simple architecture, this home reflects the perfect combination of wood, concrete, and brick. 

Modern touches have been incorporated into the façade and interiors, but the true charm is found on the back porch. Inviting and simple, this property is a beautiful example of rustic architecture with a design that fits in national territory.

2. Charming and original

This is one of those houses that has a different design, and is therefore unforgettable. Built of wood and stone, its shape attracts the attention of all who visit and through it. 

In addition to its charm and lush design, this house was built on top of a mountain. Once again, we see that basic materials such as rustic wood and stone are strong components for architecture.

3. Wood in all its glory

Wood is the most common raw material in rustic houses. When we imagine a house like this, one of the elements we soon see is, for example, sturdy wooden beams, like those on the roof.

Besides being ecological, it is also a robust touch that emphasizes the natural character of space. No matter if your ceiling is flat or angular, wooden beams will always be a sensational choice!

4. Farmhouse kitchen

The use of rustic elements leads us to consider a rustic house as it is today, going from the simplest concepts to the creation of modern and luxurious spaces. The mixture of rustic elements and other more noble materials brings a unique sensation to any home.

This image perfectly reflects what we're talking about. This kitchen is dominated by rustic elements. We also see elements characteristic of old properties, such as the ceiling with thick wooden beams. In addition, all this is exceptionally complemented with furniture and objects of decoration of modern design.

5. A balcony to take in the view

Lucky 4 Ranch Uptic Studios Rustic style house
Uptic Studios

Lucky 4 Ranch

Uptic Studios

This part of the house that is seen in the image promises leisure, rest, and coexistence. The good part about having a balcony is that even on rainy days, you can enjoy the surrounding countryside. 

This one in particular is very welcoming. The floor extends to the front of the house, as if to challenge the garden outside. 

6. American style in Mexican land

Despite having an American design, this rustic house designed by JRM Design-Architecture Studio is located in Tlalpujahua, Michoacan, Mexico. 

The exterior we see has a traditional trait design with materials such as brick and wood. This blend in the exterior composition of the property was chosen exactly so that this project was adapted to the context and location where this house was built.

7. A hut in the forest

Just look at this rustic house surrounded by lush nature and imagine the background music: streams, birds, or other wild inhabitants. We see the rear of this two-storey home is totally open to the surrounding landscape. Glass walls on both floors and on the ground floor there is a completely open wooden terrace, which is perfect for enjoying the weather and fresh air.

8. Like a fairy tale

There is nothing as romantic as the design of this property, made exactly to remember the classic, old fairy tales. Look at the picture and enjoy this magical setting. 

There is a mix between modern with the traditional–modern structure and a traditional thatched roof. Projected from Holland, this house exhibits a contrast that lingers between the wooden beams and the glass walls that support them.

9. The drawing factor of a rustic room

Keeping the materials in their purest form is one of the characteristics of rustic homes. Take this bedroom as the perfect example that navigates between rustic, colonial, and shabby chic. The beige walls bring softness to the interiors, and the large wooden beams are the most revealing and charming feature of the room.

The interior architects were able to create a lovely bedroom with the strong presence of the rustic element that emphasises that feeling of comfort one has in life close to the countryside. The elegant touch is due to the furnishings and the soft decoration, increasing the sensations of warmth and comfort.

10. Floating details

Regardless of whether your home is located in the city or the countryside, there is always the possibility of you entering the rustic style. This is a spacious property built away from an urban center. However, the detail we want to reveal is the ladder design, made with wooden trunks. Have you ever imagined a staircase so combined with a burnt-out cement floor with a modern design? It's a real contrast! Incidentally, we must emphasize that the mix between the rustic and the industrial or contemporary is incredibly popular nowadays.

If you enjoyed this list, then you should check out these six ideas for a rustic home!

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