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10 fabulous and original breakfast bars

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 When we talk about breakfast bars, we mustn’t forget that they’re not all the same. In fact, there are a plethora of possible options allowing us to choose the best design for the space that we have.

 It’s important to consider the size and structure of the breakfast bar, and whether it’ll be an extension of the countertop or contrasting with the other materials of the kitchen. Above all, your chosen breakfast bar must be comfortable and practical.

 Today we’re presenting ten fabulous breakfast bars that will inspire you to incorporate one into your kitchen. Let’s get started…

1. Barbecue breakfast bar

 This novel—and practical—design provides an ideal place to serve food by placing a small breakfast bar outside close to the barbecue.

2. For a multifunctional space

 In this open-plan abode the breakfast bar forms an intrinsic part of the multifunctional space. Strategically placed between the kitchen and living room areas, it serves in place of a dining table for everyday meals.

3. A slimline breakfast bar

 Maybe you don’t have the space for a large breakfast bar, or you’d simply prefer something more minimalist. If so, this slimline option is for you!

4. One ‘L’ of a design

 An ‘L’ shaped design attached to the countertop is another good option as it can increase the work surface in the kitchen area and install a breakfast bar without major renovations.

5. Maximising workspace

 This beautiful breakfast bar neatly encloses the kitchen area while providing ample seating, and most importantly, lots of counter space.

6. Ideal for dividing rooms

 If the kitchen is integrated into the dining room then we need something to separate environments while preserving the feeling of spaciousness; a breakfast bar is the ideal solution.

7. A space saving solution

 There’s always a way to incorporate a breakfast bar in the kitchen. In fact, sometimes it’s the best way to use the space, as with the narrow kitchen pictured above.

8. Breakfast bar or dining table?

 This ingenious seating solution blends a traditional table with a breakfast bar to create a new, neat seating solution.

9. Pushing the boundaries

 Extending the counter into a breakfast bar at one end is a neat visual trick that serves to expand the kitchen as well as providing a place to sit and eat.

10. The centre island breakfast bar

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 If you’re planning a centre island in your kitchen, why not incorporate a breakfast bar into the design?

Check out these great ideas for planning a small kitchen for more helpful kitchen planning tips.

Which of these breakfast bars did you like best? Let us know in the comments below!
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