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12 ways to decorate your walls with stone, so they look spectacular!

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With the walls of your home, you're always thinking of ways to improve their appearance. If you're thinking of a new project, it is always a good idea to consult an architect who can deal with the design. A stone wall can be the ideal solution in certain areas of the home and spark an interest that smooth walls just can't.

There are different types of stone to cover an interior wall, and many variations of colour and shape. All you need to do is pick the wall you want, the dimensions, style, design and type of stone. Join us on this homify tour of walls coated in gorgeous stone!

1. A stone niche in the bathroom

This tub with a whirlpool system is designed in a niche, where the lighting softly illuminates the stone. The interesting thing to note about this picture is the texture of the stone. This area is created in a wall covered with pieces of polished stone elements in the bathroom. The combination of the diverse materials, with different styles, textures and color, is a detail to take into account in the design and decoration of a house.

2. A clear entry with stone walls

In a modern house with the entrance full of clear, glass doors, the wall is covered with white stones. The texture stands out against the neutral colour, creating shadows, and resembles the texture of the silver vases that are at the foot of the wall. A wall in a place like this increases the feeling of spaciousness using its light colour as well as the proportions of the space. If the wall was dark, we'd see a visually narrow entrance area.

3. Stone walls inside the house

This wall is designed with square pieces of the same type of stone, but with different colours and shades, to create interesting effects together. When you are planning, these details should be considered: how it will be installed and in which order that the  tones are desired—all to give particular effects when the wall is ready.

4. Grey tones

The decoration of a room should be studied carefully before construction is decided on because if you have the possibility of completing the project with variants of materials and colour. 3D technology has come a long way when choosing the decor of any room in the house.

In this room neutral colours are found in furniture, walls, curtains and ceiling. In a room like this, which isn't very wide, the colour palette is the best solution for your decor.

5. A beautiful wall covered in flagstone

Flagstone is narrow and thin, and can be placed flat on floors and walls. In this image, the flagstone is used horizontally on the wall, revealing its narrow profile. The combination of this stone with its diverse shades makes an interesting result for a finished wall.

6. Rustic

In this bathroom, the wall of dark stones is rustic; medium to large sized stones up the wall, looking natural and cave-like. At the sink's level, beautiful marble is used which makes it feel more high-end rustic.

7. Dividing stone walls with wooden frames

This wall is formed of stones and not necessarily coated, so the wooden frame acts as stability and a contrast to the stone's patterns. 

8. Lots of stone for a rustic touch

The placement of the stone wall at the back of the bed is a detail that is only improved by the soft lighting in its design. A mirror exhibits its stunning rustic style, with simplicity in furniture and accessories, but also with spectacular design in the lining of the wall in this bedroom.

9. A wall built from flagstone

The thickness of the flagstone used on this wall makes it easy to place one stone over the other in a relatively uniform pattern, forming a lovely texture and displaying beautiful colours.

10. Grey stone and wood—an excellent combination

The grey stone used on these walls creates the perfect combination of elegance with the varnished wood of the floors and stairs. Two neutral but strong colours that compliment each other well make this room an incredible sight.

11. Stone at the entrance

Increasing the sense of depth of this hallway at the entrance of the house is this grey stone wall with distinct, pronounced texture. If the stone was placed vertically, it would have a slightly different artistic effect on the hallway.

12. A stone dividing wall

Majestic Contemporary | BUNGALOW Design Spirits minimalist style balcony, porch & terrace
Design Spirits

Majestic Contemporary | BUNGALOW

Design Spirits

A dividing wall in this house has been built with stone cladding in a mixture of light and dark brown tones; an interesting decor combined with wooden flooring. The size of each element of the wall is irregular but still square, so it has a gorgeous geometric patterned effect.

We've seen a lot of textured walls in this article, and if you want to see more diverse textured wall ideas, check out these 12 ways to add texture to your walls!

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