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15 simple ideas that will make your home entrance look beautiful

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Guests can either pull up in awe of what your home has to offer, or grimace in fear of what awaits inside. By tending to the exterior of your home, you can instantly change both your, and guests, reactions of what awaits—a healthy home full of life, or a first and last dinner party.

Your driveway includes more than just where cars park—it includes the pathway and gateway into your home and lifestyle. By adding the right colours and decorative and structural motifs, you can quickly change the environment and welcome that your home offers to those that await your presence!

Below are fifteen simple ideas on how to decorate and enhance your driveway—we hope you will spruce it up a bit before your next dinner party!

1. Well detail path

Simply apply raw stone for the pathway and don't forget great feature lights. This is the simple equation for a chic entryway.

2. With just enough detail

A light colour palette, loads of texture and a simple potted flower can give way for a fresh and healthy welcome!

3. No more than a doormat

When your entrance is grand and well-lit, it's best to let it speak for itself by adding a simple doormat. Simplicity is key when a whimsical, contemporary interior awaits.

4. Frame of plants

Flank your modern or contemporary doorway with medium-sized plants for a grand, yet simple gesture. 

5. Water welcoming

Water features aren't only for gardens and royal courtyards. Adding water features to your entrance is unique and fun.

6. A precise touch of art

Sculptural details are a great way to add something interesting to your entrance way—make sure you choose one that can properly handle the elements.

7. A well coated floor

Exterior tiles and stones are a great way to make your entrance way look clean and organised, as seen here. 

8. Wooden frames

What a tropical and warm entrance way—the refined wood frame adds a touch of modernity to the otherwise rustic scape.

9. More creeativity is impossible

For modern homes with a logical and rational structure, adding a fun mosaic can show the playfulness that awaits on the inside! Consult a professional to find out how.

10. Pieces full of personality

Concrete and wood mixed scream modernity. By choosing oversized pots and bamboo accessories, this homeowner has shown the importance of nature and materials here. 

11. Narrowness is no impediment

Narrowness is never a problem, it can bring cosiness and warmth. Paint your narrrow walkway all white for a startling and open feature. 

12. A familiar appearance

For those looking for something whimsical and fun, add a double-door feature as an easy access point for yourself and guests to enjoy the front stoop.

13. Peculiar colours

Old School House, Glen Dye, Banchory, Aberdeenshire Roundhouse Architecture Ltd Country style windows & doors
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Old School House, Glen Dye, Banchory, Aberdeenshire

Roundhouse Architecture Ltd

In older, more rustic and historical homes you don't want to compromise the authenticity of the design. Instead, opt for bright and vibrant colours applied to an old wood door!

14. A contour riddled with modernity

Layers upon layers is what this home says. By adding different materials and layers, this modern home offers both an interesting design statement and privacy. 

15. Clusters of beautiful pots

And for those looking for something more traditional, stick with simple, yet beautiful potted plants. Easy to maintain and change out depending on what's season-appropriate. 

When decorating your driveway, don't forget to add fabulous features to your front door as well. Remember, all parts of your home are important and here at homify, we can help with every aspect and detail!

Which of these driveways or entryways speak to you the most? Tell us why by commenting below!
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