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The modern home built for a happy family

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This incredible home, brought to us by the creatives at MEYERCORTEZ architects in São Paolo, Brazil, presents the ultimate in modern family living. Blending both contemporary and traditional styles, the abode immediately excites through the construction and decoration of its living spaces. The architects have pulled out all the stops to create a parallel patio and living room that can be merged for optimal use in fine weather.

Moving through the remainder of the home and we're met with myriad design surprises, from its sleek and modern kitchen, to the kids playroom, bedrooms and ensuite. The jewel in the crown, however, is doubtless the master bedroom, with is nestled in a cosy and inviting space decorated with cool brown tones, and adjoins a glowing bathroom exuding elegance and luxury.

Take a tour below and tell us what you think!

Beginning with the exterior

We'll begin our tour of this stunning property with a glimpse at its exterior, as a lovely patio has been included with plenty of impressive features for the occupants to enjoy. Lined with pale bricks that support a high, white ceiling, the patio is spacious and modern, with hints of traditional style found in the brick construction, wooden detailing and vibrant tiles. The kitchen area is remarkable in that includes a fully-functioning stovetop, sink unit, and even a wood fire oven! Perfect for a weekend pizza party with family and friends.

Flowing proportions

An alternate view lends insight into the sense of flow that has been created in the patio. An understated, timber dining table streams out from the kitchen, helping to elongate this rectangular room and drawing the gaze down towards the small indoor garden and sun bed resting peacefully in the far corner.

Best of all this space is beautifully lit, with sun flowing in through its large glass doors, to infuse the patio with a soothing sense of calm.

Merging indoor and outdoor living

Shifting focus again and we now see how this wonderful patio merges with the home's indoor living spaces, with sliding doors and a sheath of white curtains sectioning the patio from the dining and living areas beyond. Beyond is an open and modern interior, with a design aesthetic that blends contemporary furnishings with a subtle sense of tradition.

Modern style indoors

Once inside we're met with a stylish space for living and dining that runs completely parallel to the patio just viewed. An oval dining table in pristine white waits to accommodate an indoor meal, while a contemporary light fitting hangs overhead, with its circular style providing a great talking point!

Sectioning the space is a small set of cabinets that also act as a functional bar, while in the distance an array of sofas await the occupants to relax and unwind in front of the television.

Luxurious living space

A close up of the living room displays how the interior designer has cleverly sectioned this area of the home into 3 distinct spaces: a dining space, a lounge and a personal cinema! The coffee tones of the lounge suite tie in beautifully with the blues, whites and browns characterising the remainder of the home's decoration, while two contemporary chaises can be seen in the distance, providing a stylish space to enjoy a film or television show.

A modern sheen in the kitchen

Moving through to the kitchen and we're met with an elevated aesthetic, with the homely hints of wood and brick seen in the living and dining spaces having been replaced with stainless steel and glass. 

Woodgrain still features within the kitchen, although the crisp lines of the cabinets and the heavily polished surfaces exude a more modern air than the subtly traditional furnishings seen in the patio, living and dining spaces. 

A bold and busy play room

As we delve into private areas of this stunning home we're met with more bold and memorable decoration, such as this children's play room. The room is light and bright, with its busy wallpaper and bursts of yellow immediately drawing focus, and has been furnished with a sun bed and small desk, making it perfect for both work and relaxation.

Striking tones for the kids

This kids rooms in this incredible abode are equally striking, with fiery red characterising this space. Compact in size, the bedroom still excites with its bold colours and patterns, although the walls and ceilings have been kept white, leaving plenty of options open to reimagine the room as the children grow and their tastes and interests evolve.

Bursts of colour in the bathroom

Each room in this home also benefits from it sown en suite, for an added sense of luxury and privacy. The bathroom seen here has been paired with the striking, red bedroom seen earlier, with a hot, red hue also included in its mosaic tiles and bathroom accessories.

Understated luxury in the master bedroom

Moving onto the master bedroom and we're met with a space that immediately exudes understated style and luxury. A king-sized bed rests centrestage, flanked by the cool brown tones of the walls, which create a cosy feel in this bedroom. Plenty of storage has been included in the form of shelving and cabinets, with the shelving augmented by localised spotlighting, enabling the occupants to show off a range of decorative elements in elegant style.

A bathroom with a pristine glow

As one would expect, the master bathroom of this home also impresses with its pristine elegance. The space practically glows, with light bouncing about its white and glass surfaces, off its alabaster floor tiles and around its warm, timber cabinet. A spa has been included for added luxury, while twin sinks make this the perfect room in which the home owners can go about their daily routines.

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