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A tightwad's guide to low-cost home organisation

Chloe Hines Chloe Hines
Shawfield Street Ardesia Design Classic style study/office
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Being frugal is something a lot of us can relate to when we have no other options. Low-cost home organisation might come naturally to some, but to others, lacking the vision or creativity, it might be a bit harder. Let us help you with that! If you're going to be a specialist in interior design, you also need to be a specialist in creating great home layouts that promote clean and healthy living!

Below we have a huge list that can help you create an incredibly organised home in almost no time, and sometimes, with no money. Often, all you need is right under your nose in your own home. Even those with the best style and taste can have everything fall apart with clutter and lack of organisation. Let us help!

1. Create a layout that includes a place for everything

The layout of your home will effect everything from the storage you can employ to the mood you create—be smart about it.

2. Designate a home work space

Shawfield Street Ardesia Design Classic style study/office
Ardesia Design

Shawfield Street

Ardesia Design

Under-stair space is perfect for storage, but what about a cosy home office? A customised desk is sometimes all you need for a days' work.

3. Do measurements for home organisation systems

Broadgates Road SW18 BTL Property LTD Modern style study/office
BTL Property LTD

Broadgates Road SW18

BTL Property LTD

Take time to properly measure areas of your home that could be equipped with storage systems. You don't have to install them right away, but keep the measurements for future projects. 

4. Keep utility rooms free and clear of clutter

Keep windows open and proper shelving storage to keep utility rooms what they're meant for—keeping your home and clothing fresh and organised. 

5. Use antique and flea markets to your advantage

This room is full of one-of-a-kind treasures—items that can be found at an affordable price at outdoor markets. 

6. Reuse small boxes for storage or dividers in dressers

Simply paint over small shoe boxes and packing boxes for a great way to add extra storage and a great look.

7. Use wall space accordingly to keep clutter off the floor

Children's rooms tend to be the most messy, so try to create wall storage to save on floor clutter and leg room.

8. Reduce, refuse and recycle to create compost areas or hanging herb gardens

Herb gardens can be grown both indoors and outdoors and will add a lifetime of flavour to your favourite dishes.

9. Minimalist closets are all the rage

Think you can't put all of your clothing on one simple rack—think again. Try minimalist-style living and anything is possible. 

10. Creative knobs and hooks are a great way to add wall storage

Knobs and hooks don't have to be ugly and simple—use them to add pops of colour!

11. Ladder-style furnishings are perfet for laundry rooms and bathrooms

For rustic homes, use an old, tattered ladder for a cosy cottage look—or for more modern homes, opt for a metal ladder. 

12. Use magnets for smaller items

It can be a pain to search for small hygiene tools—why not make them readily accessible by storing them on a wall magnet?

13. Old glass food jars are perfect for small-item storage

Brilliant Bethnal Green Propia Industrial style kitchen

Brilliant Bethnal Green


Save those old bean and vegetable jars and use them to store screws, hair ties and other small items that normally fall to the floor unnoticed. 

14. For smaller homes, consider a wall-mounted plate rack

Mighty Plate rack The Plate Rack KitchenCabinets & shelves
The Plate Rack

Mighty Plate rack

The Plate Rack

These wall-mounted racks can easily be painted for a cute and customised look.

15. Hidden storage is best with modern wood panels

Pure PQ furniture knob in Raw Metal Dauby KitchenStorage

Pure PQ furniture knob in Raw Metal


Find simple ways to hide your built-in storage by seamlessly blending into your existing interior design!

16. Use old dressers for more cupboard and food storage space

Keeping your kitchen organised is incredibly important as it decreases food prep time and keeps everything together for dinner parties!

17. Bookshelves are always a good idea

Bookshelf design is an important feature in almost any home—for books, unique toys and accessories. With proper design and organisation it can completely change the look of an entire room!

18. Create walls for drawing and sketching

Chalkboard paint is a great way to change your walls into ideaboards listing grocery needs, menues for dinner parties and daily reminders!

19. Use existing furniture in new ways

Don't purchase a new bathroom vanity! Simply reuse an old dresser, armoire or cupboard in a fun DIY project for a new sink, vanity, etc;

20. Create your own cleaning products

There are plenty of items that can be found in your kitchen cabinets that will help you in making fresh, eco-friendly cleaning products. Sometimes, simple vinegar is all you need!

21. Stick with minimalism to avoid any future issues

Living a minimalist or essentialist life is one great way to avoid clutter in the first place. Upon doing an extreme home cleaning, decide which items you can't live without and stick with them!

Don't assume you can only do a massive cleaning in the spring time - cleaning is a year-round venture and at homify we have plenty of ideas to keep you moving in the right direction!

How do you keep your home clutter-free on a budget? Give us more tips below!

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