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How to make your bedroom fashionable for winter

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 The seasons as a whole are synonymous with the passage of time, and therefore every season is symbolic of change to some extent. This idea of change provides a great opportunity to shake up our home décor and brings with it new fashion trends and styles.

 The different seasons represent different things, for example spring tends to represent new beginnings, but winter brings with it just as many opportunities to introduce new themes into your décor and try out different styles.

 Winter has connotations of comfort, seclusion and luxury, so today we’re running through a few ideas for introducing winter themes into your home; enabling you to make your bedroom fashionable for winter. Let’s get started…

1. Several shades of grey

 A great way to give your bedroom a winter themed overhaul is to introduce a neutral colour scheme of grey tones. The grey connects with winter themes such as wood smoke and frost to create an atmospheric environment.

2. Introduce some burgundy

 Alternatively, you can introduce some richer colours into your bedroom such as midnight blue, or burgundies—as in the example above - that have strong, wintery connotations.

3. Include a few candles

 Decorative candles are a must for creating the cosy, romantic atmosphere associated with winter; particularly if accompanied by ornate candlesticks.

4. Throw a few rugs into the mix

 Throw rugs make a fantastic addition to a winter-themed boudoir bringing ideas of warmth and cosiness. Faux fur in particular helps to create a great winter atmosphere.

5. Opt for luxurious comfort

 Luxury and comfort are pervasive themes in winter décor, so accessorising with an abundance of attractive pillows and blankets helps to create a wintery atmosphere; especially when combined with classically styled accents and accessories.

6. Worn-looking wood

 Worn and weathered looking wood imbues a bedroom with a wintery feel; bringing a natural feel into the room and connecting it with nature.

7. Knitted accessories

Schnuffle Pouffe with Knitted top homify Living roomAccessories & decoration

Schnuffle Pouffe with Knitted top


 There’s something intrinsically wintery about knitted accessories, for those who celebrate Christmas a knitted jumper is symbolic of that time of year. Adoring your bedroom with knitted poofs and pillows conveys a feeling of cosiness, as well as having luxurious connotations given the custom, bespoke nature of the products. Plus, you can always knit your own accessories! Although purchasing products made by professionals will certainly save you time.

 We hope you’ve found this guide to fashionable winter themes helpful. If you like more tips on trends for the winter season then check out this list of need to know winter design trends.

Have you got any wonderful ideas for introducing wintery style into the bedroom? If so let us know in the comments below!

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