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15 fabulous entrances that will astound

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One of the cool things that you can do when you own your own home, is to turn it into a representation of yourself. This way, you make the house seem far more relaxing for both yourself, and the people you love. What's more, a house built in your own image, can help tell your guests who you truly are deep down, sometimes even better than you yourself can say.

While the interior of the home is what most people focus on, the exterior is just as important. But in today's article, we won't be talking about the garden which, along with the inside, is the most popular topic. No, today we'll be talking about entrances. The main door to your house is a great way to express your personality and can act as a focal point to attract your neighbors gaze. The front door can act as a useful hint as to what kind of person you are, and with the right template, you can show your best side.

When setting out to find that perfect colour combination, we suggest a calm and thoughtful approach. Weigh all the decisions and choose carefully. In order to help you with this decision, we here at homify have collected several doorways that should serve as a source of inspiration when you choose to build, or renovate, your own entrance.

1. Wooden

Wooden doors have been, and still are, a huge hit with a lot of people. They are safe and resistant, inspiring similar feelings in you. The design above, is very interesting, as it manages to combine the timeless classic of the wooden door, with something a bit more modern, that being the glass panes inside the door. Luckily, the designers do a great job maintaining the balance, and keeping up the sense of security. It never hurts to go back to the classics, but don't shy away from putting you own spin on things.

2. Decorative trusses

In this image, the gate, decorated with lattices, provides security between the front door and the street. The little holes in the gate allow light to enter and exit, leaving the area nearest the gate lit up. This is a nice effect, as it diffuses the idea of the gate as this large imposing thing, and makes it a bit friendlier. Plus, the design just looks cool. The combination of metal, stone, and vegetation make for an incredibly appealing entrance.

3. A spectacular combination of materials

The entrance is perfect for those with smaller houses, as the light colour of the stone makes the whole thing seem bigger, creating an interesting optical illusion. What's more, the way that the facade is presented is very compact, and quite careful with its decisions, yet again making the argument as to why it's useful for smaller houses. The lightness of the house combines nicely with the glass door, and even mixes well with the wood and metal, creating a unique personality for the whole home.

4. Very high

The entrance to this home sits on several raised platforms, thus adding a dimension of walking up towards something, making it almost seem like this house is a castle of some sorts. While the home is dominated by the white section, the front door creates a unique identity for itself, thanks to it's simple design. The combination of materials also comes off as very natural, adding to the seamlessness of the whole home. The final section of the house, the rocky bits, mix in equally well, and add a bit of texture to the whole front. Be bold and don't be afraid of mixing styles.

5. With the strength of steel

Steel is stronger than fiberglass and wood, making it one of the most secure building materials out there. However, unlike wood, it does not have the majesty of something like the wood and glass combination of the very first image, meaning that you are going to have to choose between style and security. 

When it comes to security, steel really is the best in the business, as it can be paired up with hi-tech locks and bars, making you feel pretty indestructible. Sometimes, the choice will come down between style versus security. But don't worry, whichever one you choose, there are always ways to make it look good. 

6. Warm and comforting

In the picture above, we can observe how neutral tones can be used to enhance the colour of things like the brown door. While that particular shade may get lost in other facades, here it pops out really well, becoming the main focal point for the eye.  The fact that it's accompanied by a little garden is a nice touch, and boosts the overall beauty of the project. Thanks to their mixture of colours, the contrasting aspects can create a really warm and comforting space, making this entrance feel extra welcoming.

7. A door with a great presence

There is another reason why wood is so useful, and that is thanks to its many variations. It comes in different shades, designs and types, always meeting our expectations and budget. But best of all, wood can come in custom sizes. However, while it has many appealing qualities, that doesn't mean it's the only material out there that can be so versatile. As seen above, concrete can be just as diverse, offering a range of styles and patterns, and giving you an extra sense of security. For those that want that feeling of protection, think about the material that go into your entrance.

8. Frosted glass

If you're not interested in wood or concrete doors, then the door above may be an interesting alternative. Frosted glass is yet another great way of ensuring the sense of security, while also maintaining the privacy of your interior. What's more, because it is just glass, it will let light through, creating a unique effect in your front hall. 

However, the glass isn't the only part of this entrance. The door is supported by a large marble frame, and a jutted out section of the house, ensuring an added sense of security and simply making the place feel cooler. If none of the usual suspects appeal to you, it may be time to look outside the box.

9. Brilliant contrasts

This entrance is extremely unique and eye-catching, thanks to the contrasting of the materials and the light. The marble walkway and front facade have a cool looking pattern, that stands out in the surrounding environment. The light strips are a useful addition, as it not only creates the amazing contrast, but also helps navigate your front lawn in the evening. When planning your entrance, it's important to think about the place during various times of day, just to make sure you have all your bases covered.

10. Industrial detail

The image above, is a great example of how wood and concrete can work together, to create the perfect hybrid between style and security. The wood presented here is different from how we've usually seen it, mainly because it is in it's natural state. When mixed with the raw concrete, it evokes the industrial style, giving the whole entrance a very textured feel. It is thanks to this rough, textured feel, that this house manages to stand out, and will be a great choice for those who don't mind getting their hands a bit dirty.

11. Glass doors are a good choice

Glass doors are an amazing way of inviting, not only sunlight, but the rest of the outside world into you home, therefore integrating the outside world with your personal inside. Because of its lightness and transparency, the glass door creates the illusion of more space, blurring the lines between the interior and exterior. 

If you truly want to draw attention to the glass door, use the colour red, just like in the entrance above, to highlight the area and provide a striking contrast with the immediate interior. While we all value our privacy, opening up a bit can have interesting results.

12. Vibrant colours

The vibrant red colour of the door draws the eye, and creates a very dramatic and sensational scene at the entrance. What's more, the red creates a great dynamic with the rest of the facade, which is primarily white and brown. This mixture of colours manages to create a sense of both warmth and coziness, making this home great for families.

13. Details that make a difference

There is a variety of things that can make the door, and the overall entrance, to your home very appealing. Among them, is the path, and especially the stairs, leading to the front door. To make the surrounding environment a bit more natural, you can give the white stairs a touch of color with some flowers. 

Another little thing is the contrast between the wood, dark metal and glass, which creates a refined and elegant combination, that allows the small tinges of red to stand out. Sometimes, it's the little things that can really make a place great.

14. A long path to an impressive door

While the front door, and the path leading up to it, are important elements in the design of your house, they must, above all, provide safety and security to those living in the house. Therefore, when it comes time to choose between these important parts of your house, you should always consider the aesthetics of the overall style, while also keeping an eye on your stamina, so as not to end up walking up too many stairs. Design is important, but not a the expense of practicality.

15. Luminous and floating

E2 FACADE arQing Minimalist house



This beautiful wooden door, seems to have been incorporated into the stone wall in such a fashion, that it creates the feeling that it is floating in the air. The frosted glass highlights give the whole entrance a very natural and soft touch, which, when combined with the smoothness of the door, manages to disrupt the overall jaggedness and roughness of the rest of the facade, while also providing an interesting contrast. A lot of entrances are a balancing act between two different styles, so don't worry about experimenting a bit before getting the right balance.

And once you're done upgrading the entrance to your home, it may be time to look beyond, and see what you can do around the rest of the exterior. If you're limited on space, this article may be just the thing to inspire you to make that first step.

Which material is your favorite to work with? Ever thought of mixing things up? Let your voice be heard, and write below!
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