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8 stupendous houses under 75 square metres

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Although not very large in terms of square meters, innovative and original small housing projects are attracting a lot of attention. Nowadays, small but modern constructions entice all with their functional details and catch the eye from an aesthetic point of view. Both façade and interior design offer practical possibilities for both economic and long-term use.

So we thought we'd put together a list of just a few of these kinds of housing projects. All eight homes in this list are under 75 square metres, but do not lack creativity by any stretch of the imagination. Each home offers something special to its residents, so we invite you to come along with us and find out what that special something is!

1. Small and cute

This house, which was designed with a modern approach to traditional German architectural features, is another interesting project. With a high crib roof, there is an approach that brings form to the foreground. Wooden doors pop out from the pristine white façade and also serve as great sun visors. 

2. A cabin in the woods

Our second project is a charming wooden house set in an area of 60 square metres. To protect against sunlight and rain water, sunshades were designed with small fringes on the large windows. In this way, both spacious and bright areas were created with wide openings. It is a house that was designed with aesthetic elements in mind, which we can see from this eye-catching façade, and we can only imagine how comfortable the interior must be.

3. VIP lodge

Vipp Shelter by Vipp Industrial

Vipp Shelter


This home is a structure with modern precision and comfort. It is a compact home that caters to every need in a small area. The project, which the architects met with a modern-minimalist approach, was designed according to the open house principle. It occupies an area of 55 square metres and is open to the natural landscape that embellishes dreams.

4. Prefab home

This prefabricated home, designed with steel conveyor systems and concrete panels, resolves many needs in just one small area. Steel constructions are considered as more robust alternatives compared to other reinforced concrete structures, especially with earthquake resistance and other natural disasters. Therefore, this small structure is as robust as many other structures as it is economical. Prefabricated exterior marble, natural stone, and wooden panels were used on the outer ceiling.

5. Dreams of the countryside

This house, which is one of the natural and ecological buildings, resembles a small village house. The face of the home appeals to the eye with its natural texture and vivid colors. This structure, built from natural stone, offers cool and convenient interiors and is a project that embellishes the dreams of many people with its spacious atmosphere and surrounding nature.

6. New heights

This next home is really something special. This contemporary abode showcases the wonderful things you can achieve with distinct vision and warm colours. The façade is mainly white except for the balcony we see in front, which exhibits a lovely black border surrounding an orange accent wall within. To top it all off, the colourful flower bed below the protruding balcony of the home adds an even more sympathetic look to the project.

7. Portable modular house

This type of home offers perks that you couldn't even imagine. These practical constructions can be disassembled and rebuilt in other areas whenever needed. Surrounded by the exquisite land and seascape, this home also offers the ideal scenery for anyone looking to just get away.

8. Surprises in every corner

Our last project might just be our favourite in the list. Consisting of two bedrooms and an open-plan kitchen, this house is a 37 square metre inland wonder. The building, which has a splendid façade with different textures and colours, is a modern prefabricated house complete with a large terrace and a tremendous view of the natural world. All of the homes in this list have had unique properties that portray style, function, and most of all, heart.

If you liked these homes, perhaps you'll enjoy these big surprises from a small home.

Did any of these tiny homes inspire you today? We'd love to hear from you below!
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