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10 fun ways to decorate the walls of your home

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It's time to stop thinking of our walls as the things that hold the roof up, and consider their huge potential as a design element that can define the decor of your home. While plain white walls with maybe a picture frame or two are fine, there are so many different possibilities for designing your walls we think it's time we explored the work of our homify professionals for inspiration.

With so many different materials, textures, and colour palettes available walls present an exciting opportunity to give your home some personal style. As you'll see in today's article they can end up setting the tone of the whole room, having a visual impact that will be just as important to your house as their noble function. These examples are all about being daring, being creative, and most of all being you, so let's get those creative juices flowing!

1. A stone feature wall

Our first example is for your patio or balcony area, and it looks wonderful. This porch features a rustic stone wall with hooks for hanging pot plants. Pot plants work inside and outside, and are a fantastic way to add some lush greenery to your home, especially if you have limited space, plus they are perfect for herbs, ensuring you always have a fresh and fragrant garnish on hand for any meals. The stone wall is another way to infuse nature into your home promoting relaxation and tranquility.

2. Texture and depth

This unique design approach uses concrete bricks to provide an interesting texture with further depth provided by the interplay of light. A super modern and innovative design, it will give your home a distinctive flavour, sure to impress any guests. The grey colour fits perfectly with the neutral colour palette, and helps the varied woodgrain of the table to really stand out.

3. Inviting and fun

This home has a vintage French appeal that looks absolutely spectacular. The black and white vertical stripes are really fun, and coupled with the multi-lingual welcomes on the wall will make you feel like you're on vacation every time you step into your home. This vivacious style has so much energy it's sure to liven up any room.

4. Vibrant tiles

Tiles are great in the bathroom due to their sleek water resistant surface that is super easy to clean, and they provide endless design options. Because there are so many different styles of tile why not have fun with it, and go for something bold and daring like this whimsical bathroom featuring bright colours and shapes that will put a smile on anyone's face.

5. A relaxing landscape

Wall murals are a really great way to infuse your own personality into the decor and get creative with themes. This sunny desert mural is bright and fun, and the blue sky sets the colour palette of the room, nicely complementing the green curtains and turquoise linens. Close your eyes and imagine your happy place and you've got yourself the perfect mural for your bedroom wall!

6. Vivid colours and magic mirrors

We absolutely love this room, it's so creative and personal. We often tend to get a little bit conservative when choosing colours for the walls, and it's true you need to be careful not to overwhelm a room, but with a little advice from our homify professionals bold and exciting colours can look amazing. The sectional mirror finishes this room off, and is really unique, with each section aimed in a slightly different direction producing a post-modern masterpiece that literally reflects your personality.

7. A giant chalkboard

Can't make up your mind on how to decorate your walls? Well with a chalkboard you don't have to! Draw a new mural every day, write down your hopes and aspirations, or organise your life with a to-do list, by using slate for one of the walls of your home. Perfect for creative types, and even better for kids, blackboards are a great idea in offices, kitchens, or playrooms, and the best part is you get to redecorate your home any time inspiration strikes.

8. Giant tapestries

Tapestries are a cheap and personal way to decorate your walls. Because they are so easy to hang and there's no limit whatsoever on the design, you can wait until your room is fully furnished and decorated to ensure you get one that fits the decor. This gorgeous mandala tapestry is visually interesting and is a fantastic centrepiece for the living room.

9. A very chic vertical garden

For a living breathing wall vertical gardens are the way to go, and there's so many different approaches, but this one may just be the most interesting we've seen yet. Featuring multiple hexagonal planters, and a variety of different flowers, it provides an interesting contrast between the unkempt wildlife and geometric patterns. We love how much colour they've injected into an otherwise neutral palette, and you can change the flowers throughout the year to reflect the seasons.

10. Your own personal winery

For a truly sophisticated wall decoration how about a floor to ceiling wine rack? Due to their simple construction this will work no matter how much space you have, and the only real consideration is how serious you are about your collection! Incorporating your hobbies into the design of your home is a really personal approach to design, and with a wine rack you'll never be caught short by unexpected guests!

There are so many creative ways to decorate your walls! We're sure you want to get to work, but if you're looking for more inspiration take a look at these great ideas for the bedroom!

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