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7 common errors that make your home more cramped and how to fix them

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Living in a home with limited space can be a challenge, and it's a challenge that more and more of us are having to face. With shrinking apartments our floor plans can get a little bit confused, and our home can end up cluttered as we try to fit in all of our possessions. However it's important that your home has a sense of space and comfort; perhaps easy to say, but not necessarily to put into practice. Whether it's figuring out how best to organise your furniture, choosing the best type of lighting, or finding a colour palette that chases away the shadows, it does require a little know-how.

Today we're going to look at some practical tips to solve some of the common mistakes that we make when decorating our home to ensure that you make the most of the space you have available. So let's get into it and equip ourselves with the expertise needed to make our small homes fabulous!

1. Time to clear out the home

Sometimes we simply try to fit too many things in one room. With surfaces cluttered by objects, whether it's our kitchen counter, or knick-knacks in the living room, your home becomes cluttered and unsightly. Your first option here is to seek out more storage, ensure your cupboards are well organised, consider permanent storage for items that are important to you, and perhaps add an extra cabinet or set of drawers to your home. Once you've done that comes the hard part; getting rid of everything else. It's always a good idea to periodically go through your possessions, sort out the things you don't need, and either sell them off or donate them.

2. Poorly organised furniture

Sometimes our home can feel cramped simply because we have not properly considered the arrangement of our furniture. You'd be surprised by how much space you can free up simply by rearranging your sofas, so it's time to get out a pen and paper. It's important to consider every square inch of the home, so measure the room up, take down the dimensions of your furniture, draw yourself a floor plan, and then think about how you might arrange the room to best use the space. That way you can find an arrangement that is fluid and comfortable, with plenty of space for moving around.

3. Insufficient lighting

Light is one of the most crucial but overlooked elements in how you perceive your home. A dark home will feel oppressive and small, so it may be time to think about all new light fixtures. Make sure that every corner of your home is well illuminated and you'll feel the room expand around you. Equally important is ensuring there is plenty of natural light in your home. Natural light will help to keep your home airy and fresh, so get rid of any unnecessary curtains and make sure that your home is arranged so that the light from your windows isn't obstructed in any way.

4. Unfavourable colour schemes

This is related to the previous idea, in that it's all about ensuring that your room is light and bright. It's important to be very cautious when using dark colours to decorate your home, they can look sophisticated and sleek, but they are just as likely to suck the light out of your home, leaving it cold and dank. Remember to always consult a professional when considering dark colours, but an even easier approach is to simply use a light and bright colour palette that will reflect the light throughout your home, especially in smaller rooms like bathrooms and kitchens.

5. Impractical use of space

This tip is especially true for those of us who have an office or workspace in the home, where we might keep lots of papers, books, or art supplies. A workspace should be as sparse and simple as possible to create floorspace, and give yourself plenty of room to move around. Shelving units are a good way to limit the need for excess furniture as they provide surface area without requiring floor space. Otherwise make sure the furniture you have provides the most storage possible by using high bookcases and remember to keep the room well organised!

6. Multifunctional furniture is your best friend

As we've said before one of the best things you can do is limiting the amount of furniture in your home, luckily there are so many innovative new items that will make all the difference! Multipurpose furniture like this built-in cutting board combines several necessities into one, reducing the need for storage and freeing up space in the home. Just take a look at all the options available and we're sure you'll find something perfect for your small home.

7. Large old fashioned furniture

This one's tough, and it may hurt just a little bit, but maybe it's time to get rid of that giant cabinet your grandmother bought 50 years ago. While we absolutely love antique furniture it tends to be rather large and unwieldy, and you do need to think about how appropriate it is for the space you have. Consider smaller, more lightweight furniture that fits in your home with taking up the whole room, we promise your grandmother would understand.

We hope these tips help you to make the most of the space you have, after all homes should be all about comfort. For more ideas check out this tiny apartment!

If you've got any more great tips let us know in the comments!
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