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10 pictures of kitchen counters you will want to copy in your own home

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Today here on homify, we are looking to bring you a list of options for a kitchen counters that will immediately make you want it for your own home. 

When it comes to designing a functional kitchen that is also aesthetically pleasing, choosing the right counter top will be essential. The kitchen counter top provides a good workplace to prepare food, grab a quick breakfast before going to work, or simply a spot where you can enjoy a cup of coffee and some company in comfort. Therefore, your choice of material and style for your kitchen counter top is very important, and is one that will affect your daily life in a very tangible manner. 

So, here are 10 options we selected from the multitude of great examples here on homify, and we are sure this will provide you with plenty of inspiration to pick just the right counter top for your own kitchen. Enjoy!

1. Double levels

Installing a kitchen counter with a double level is an excellent choice to keep separate and functional spaces.

This photograph presents a beautiful kitchen counter with top of dark granite and a sublayer of wood to provide a perfect space to prepare food and another to sit down to breakfast without hassle or a mess.

2. Rustic style

Kitchen counters have always been thought of as structures or shiny surfaces with large and heavy granite countertops in multiple colors, but the truth is that these are as flexible as you wish, since the idea is that the whole design of your kitchen can harmonise and create a unique space. In this case, a rustic style is achieved by the use of exposed brick and a wooden countertop.

3. Narrow space

Sometimes houses tend to create walls to define the spaces between each area, which makes everything look smaller. With a well-located kitchen counter, however, you can create two completely different spaces that coexist harmoniously and still without mixing. Make sure you enlist the assistance of a good kitchen planner to make this happen.

4. Diversity of sizes

No matter the size of the space where you have your kitchen, a counter fits in easily because what really matters is to get an area that allows us to sit and support certain items, whether decorative or nutritional.

5. Elegance and sophistication

The diversity of materials available to build a kitchen counter will give a particular style. Brick, wood, granite, stone—it all depends on what you want to convey and your personality.

6. Multifunctional

A counter is not just to put things on or a place to sit down to eat, it is also to offer solutions to space. In this case, we see a wide wooden board that is attached to the kitchen to become an integrated dining room.

7. Selecting the right materials

It is important to note that when you proceed to build our counter, you need to choose well what kind of style or design will work in your kitchen, as this will allow you not only to know what size or shape you can have, but to choose the types of materials that will work best for you.

8. A wooden counter

Using wood is a more creative way to add wood to your kitchen because it is much more flexible when working as material for the counter, and natural finishes will render your kitchen warm and welcoming.

9. Don't be afraid to be creative

Do not fear your imagination, you just have to sit down with paper and pencil and draw the designs that you can think of, because even the required practicality of a kitchen shouldn't deter more imaginative endeavours. 

10. Simple is also good

It is not always necessary to have extravagant and huge counters, as simple and minimal designs can be just as impressive. 

We hope you gained sufficient inspiration from this list to pick your kitchen counter, now go ahead and decide on the kitchen island as well!

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