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What not to have in your home if you're over 30

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There are habits, both good and bad, that we picked up while we lived with our parents, and then again, alone as students. While your parents and their ideas live on within you, either consciously or unconsciously, they may not always be up to date. Usually, these suggestions focus on things such as decorating/designing your house, and how to treat your backyard. 

One such tip could be to buy the same brand of silverware that both your mother and grandmother used. Others include painting walls certain colours, and decorating doors a certain way. When we were kids, we were never allowed to make such choices, and so we usually go with what we've been told.

However, now-a-days, that is not the case. And so, in order to help you get rid of these bad habits, we've complied a list of things that you shouldn't do if you're no longer living with your parents, or are not a student. This list comes from various different sources, including professional architects who know what's best. Get ready to be inspired and become your own person.

1. Diplomas and awards

When you were younger, your parents loved hanging your various medals and diplomas, as a way of showing off to any guests about how clever you were. However, as time goes on, these things become far less impressive, and by the time you reach 30, unless you've got a Nobel peace prize, showing off diplomas is just an ego boost.

Instead, try to decorate with art, something that will show off your softer side, and maybe offer insight as to the person that you really are. Or, don't hang anything, and instead use the wallpaper to further enhance your room. Either option is better then medals and diplomas from days gone past.

2. Plastic chairs in the garden

While they are cheap and serve a purpose, having plastic chairs in the garden that look like they are about as old as you are is pretty ridiculous. While they are useful as placeholders, or when you're running out of chairs, if you're going to own a garden, try investing in something more permanent.

A great alternative are chairs made out of wood and iron. They instantly make the whole area feel more grown up, and you'll be happy when they don't break apart after a couple years of use. Now that you're no longer a student, it's time to start taking things seriously, and nothing says serious like a wooden chair.

3. Disaster kitchen

As a rule, a kitchen should always be clean, and look like you can start cooking in it in an instant. Kitchens should be enjoyable rooms, as they are the sources of food, the most pleasurable thing in existence. If you're 30 or older, there is no good reason why you kitchen should be the state that is portrayed in the picture above. 

The best way to control such a mess, is to create a schedule, thus leading to a weekly clean up. That way, you can keep your kitchen clean, and help the environment. Always be sure to treat your kitchen to a good clean, and you'll be amazed what you can get in return.

4. A poorly thought out patio

While the inside of your house should be your main priority, it is vital that you don't forget about the garden, more specifically the patio. If not planned out correctly, the patio can end up looking a bit rushed. If that ends up being the case, it'll probably be an area you won't visit that often, and it would be a shame to deprive yourself of an outdoor experience. 

Always be sure to consult with a professional. You may end up paying a bit more, but in the long run you'll end up with a really well planned outdoor area. Do the right things and plan out your patio.

5. A better alternative

If you're looking for further inspiration, this is that kind of patio you should be aiming for. While it may be a bit smaller, compact beauty is definitely a thing, so try to focus our efforts on a smaller space. 

This not only saves time and energy, but it also means you don't have to care for such a large area. Also, think about using minimalism as a way of saving yourself some work.

6. Dull decoration

When you turn 30, it's time to start thinking about the way you decorate your apartment. Unless you're literally trying to mirror the style that you had in college, the living room above just won't do. 

Try thinking about incorporating some colour, and not just buying the cheapest stuff. Give your room a bit elegance, and you'll see it rub off on you.

7. How to give it some style

If you're ready to make the change to something a bit more adult, adding various colours and lightening is absolutely key. The colour brings out the playfulness of the living room, and makes sure you don't get bored by the monotone nature of the whole room. 

However, what's colour without the proper lighting? Bringing out the right shade is very important, and thanks to all these lamps, it's now possible. If you want to breathe new life into a room, colours are the way to go.

8. Incomplete dinnerware

Nothing is more embarrassing than having guests over, and then not having enough dinnerware for all of them. Remember, you're no longer a student, so offering people the bare minimum just doesn't cut it.

When going to stock up on things, always buy spare dinnerware, just to avoid embarrassing situations. Take the kitchen above as an inspiration, and dazzle all your dinner guests with a perfeclty laid out table.

9. Sleeping on mats

While this may have been okay when you were younger, and healthier, sleeping on mats just isn't feasible any more. Along with not looking very nice, or grown up, sleeping on a mat can cause some serious health issues. 

Do yourself a favour, and invest in a bed. Ten more years down the line, your body will thank you.

10. A bed with no quilt

Even though it may seem better than sleeping on the floor, a bed without a quilt, some blankets, and a few pillows, might as well be a mattress on the floor. 

Don't be lazy and go the extra mile by buying plenty of covers for your bed. Not only will it make your bed seem more appealing, but it will also help you sleep better. Give yourself that rest you deserve and buy a quilt.

11. More comfortable

Here is what you should be aiming for. Not only do the pillows make the whole area seem more appealing, but some of them even match up with the pattern around the bedroom, adding a layer of depth to make your room even more amazing. 

A good duvet will help you pass cold, winter nights, so go invest in both yourself and a good night's sleep.

12. Scary entry

Ripped right out of a horror movie, this entrance with it's archaic style and poorly functioning design will scare off most visitors, including the mailman. The entrance should represent your best foot forward, so try to make it count. 

While this doorway isn't too bad, the boring walls around it end up limiting the whole area, and make it seem unappealing. For inspiration on how to make it better, just look below.

13. Better go with modern

A fresh sigh of relief can be had by all. The door is reduced to a wooden frame and frosted glass, thanks to the minimalist leanings of this whole entrance. What's more, even though the hallways leading to the door uses a similar marble set up, it's made far more pleasant to look at, and be in, thanks to the plant life, dotted around. 

A bit of green can always make the area seem friendlier, so don't be afraid to place some pots around.

14. Unimpressive Jacuzzi

Space in a home is quite limited, especially if this is your first home ever. As such, you'll want to save up as much space as possible, so that you and yours can walk about with ease. This is why minimalism is so popular with new homeowners. 

However, one of the problems that may come up when saving space, is the impulse to buy something, just to impress others. While this was fine as a student, now at the age of 30, buying a Jacuzzi just to impress others is a waste of money and bathroom space. If you have a place for it, then that's fine, but don't cram it in just because it's cool.

15. Dirty and cracked walls

As we've discussed, keeping your entrance clean and presentable is key. While it may seem hard to take care of the very front of your wall, mainly due to the fact that hundreds of strangers must pass-by everyday, it's not completely impossible. Every year, right as summer is coming up, try to do some upkeep on your front wall.

First asses the damage to the wall and focus on the sections most in need. After a bit of plastering is done, to hide away the holes, focus on giving the whole area a new coat of paint. This will ensure that the area looks good throughout the summer, and gets a lot of attention.

16. Beware of things piling up

As soon as you have more than three things in a small corner, it becomes a pile. It also becomes a problem. The more you get into the habit of piling things up, the lower the chances that you'll ever get rid of it. Try to progressively clean out your home, maybe even create a schedule. 

No longer being in college means that you can no longer afford to have broken pieces of furniture laying around. Also, investigate your local recycling area. Plenty of broken things can be re-purposed, and you can make a huge impact on the health of the Earth.

17. Sharp corners

Once you reach 30, chances are you'll start having kids. When that joyous event occurs, your whole world will change. And we're not just talking about your personal life, but also your home. Suddenly, any sort of sharp corner or items made out of glass will become extra dangerous and will have to be secured before you can bring your bundle of joy into your home.

Be sure to secure these sharp corners with plastic safety caps, and place all sorts of expensive, and easy to break items, out of reach. You'll be caught off guard by how quickly a child can learn to walk, and before you know it, they'll be bouncing about, trying to interact with as many things as possible.

18. Counter doors

When you have a minimalist kitchen, like the one above, the worst thing that you can do to it is let it fall in disrepair, and break up the uniform minimalist feel. With every door slightly askew and off its hinges, the whole room falls into chaos and disarray. 

Make sure to repair every problem as it comes along, otherwise things will just start piling up. When you live in your own home, it's best to always have a toolbox about. Even if you' may not be as skillful with it as you hope, you'll soon adapt. This not only benefits your home, but also your mind, since picking up new skills is vital to growing up.

19. Loose cables sink ships

Unintentionally exposed brick, can be the downfall of perfectly good walls. Unless it is your intention, disrupting the feel of the wallpaper with a bit of grimy brick will turn around any guest. Loose cables are like that, but for the 21st century. 

Not only are they awkward to look at, but you may end up getting tangled in them late in the evening. Make your life easier by covering them up in an interesting fashion. Either adapt the frame of the window to hide the cables, or incorporate them into the wallpaper as part of an art piece.

20. Broken down air conditioning

In the living room above, we can see to worst case scenario when it comes to loose wires. As they descend from the broken air conditioning unit, the wires take on a menacing form. 

In the evenings, when all the lights have gone out, the whole mess becomes an evil spirit hanging on your wall. So get rid of any night terrors and fix up your home.

21. Irresponsible plant owner

Having plant life in your home is a great thing. They bring both colour and life into a room, instantly turning it into both a happy and relaxing place. 

However, the one great drawback when it comes to plants, is that, unlike with a great wallpaper or a piece of design, if not taken care of plants die. And dead plants are the opposite of relaxing. So if you do dedicate a space to plants, make sure to treat them with love and care, which they will no doubt return.

22. Shabby furniture

Even if you've got a perfectly designed living room from a professional architect, the moment your bring in scruffy furniture, it all goes down hill. When getting a new, or redesigned living room, it's good to go to various stores until you find the perfect pieces of furniture. 

And if you are being offered old furniture from relatives, make sure that it fits your living rooms style and that it doesn't have holes. With just a few quick checks, you can avoid the embarrassment of having bits of old couch on the floor.

23. A poorly lit study

Everyone should have a room of their own. Somewhere they can retreat to, and let their minds expand, unperturbed by the world outside. However, if your study isn't set up in a certain way, you'll end up stressing yourself out even more. The main issues with the study above are the lack of colour and lights.

The gray tinge of the whole place makes the room a complete downer and the lack of proper natural lighting doesn't help. While the grey does fit with the computer and the desk, a study should inspire something more.

24. What a little bit of paint can do

With a little bit of paint, and a lot of natural sunlight, the study is completely remade and reborn, inspiring the kind of creativity and relaxation needed to produce something amazing. 

When you don't know what to do, always try on a new coat of paint and opening up a window. A little contact with the outside world can do wonders.

25. Don't decorate like a teen

Don't get us wrong, floral patterns are great, and when done right can absolutely transform a room into something captivating. However, be careful what you categories under floral. While intricate, and sometimes abstract patterns can defiantly can be great floral pieces, just printing a picture of a flowers and placing them on your wall can be a bit child-ish. Taste's change and so do you, so think hard when you want to use something that you liked 20 years ago.

Now that you've had the opportunity to get rid of all the baggage of the past, it's time to try expanding your colour palette. There is no better place to start than with this article, which will take you on a tour de force of some amazingly colourful city apartments

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