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17 quick garden tips that will make your life easier

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Gardening is a hobby for millions of people world wide. It also isn't the easiest hobby to get involved with. Trimming, watering, weeding… it can all become a bit overwhelming after a while, especially if you have a bigger garden to take care of.

In order to save you from pulling your hair out over all of these tasks, and to help you save time and even some money down the road, we have 17 quick gardening tips that will make your hobby less strenuous and more enjoyable. 

So come with us and learn how to make your life just a little bit easier!

1. Create no-stick tools

Traditional and Contemporary Mix Cherry Mills Garden Design Minimalist style garden
Cherry Mills Garden Design

Traditional and Contemporary Mix

Cherry Mills Garden Design

Spraying your shovel with a silicone or Teflon lubricant will create a non-stick surface and make shoveling a heck of a lot smoother. You can also use this for your trowel or hand rake, too.

2. Decks

If striving for a lush, green lawn is too much work in addition to maintaining your garden, consider replacing it with a deck.

3. Use rocks

Rocks don't need sun, water, or soil to survive, so that takes any and all burden of care right off! Add small rock gardens to sections of your yard or go nuts like the one you see here. The choice is yours.

4. Simple layout

To prevent yourself from doing loads of unnecessary pruning, keep your garden simple with just a few assorted plants. When they all have the same care requirements, and there aren't many of them, gardening becomes a lot easier.

5. Artificial grass

Small, low maintenance garden Yorkshire Gardens Minimalist style garden Wood-Plastic Composite
Yorkshire Gardens

Small, low maintenance garden

Yorkshire Gardens

Maintaining green grass all year round is strenuous, if not impossible, depending on where you live. Try using artificial grass, especially if you have a smaller yard.

6. Restrict agressive plants

Plants like bamboo and wisteria may be delightful to look at, but they're also quite an invasive species. You can control plants like this by planting them either in pots or in a corner protected by concrete. Stopping these plants before they spread will save you a lot of time and money in the future.

7. Opt for clay flower pots

Clay pots like this make great cloches for protecting young plants from sudden, overnight frosts and freezing weather.

8. Protect your seating

Protecting your seating area with a wicker covering or enclosure will ensure that your outdoor tea time is never interrupted by blowing leaves.

9. Use bark chips

Canopy Lane Aralia Minimalist style garden Wood Green

Canopy Lane


Bark chipping will help delay weed growth in your garden, so place it around the outskirts of your flower bed or right in between your plants and keep those pesky weeds at bay.

10. Sprinklers

Stainless Steel Garden Tap Station with Hose Reel, Tap and Platform Ingarden Ltd Garden Plants & flowers
Ingarden Ltd

Stainless Steel Garden Tap Station with Hose Reel, Tap and Platform

Ingarden Ltd

Installing a sprinkler system means you don't have to worry about regular trips out to the garden to water. Just set it on a timer and you're done!

11. Non-shedding trees

The suggestion is in the name itself–getting a non-shedding tree means you don't have to pick up piles of leaves every year. These are perfect for indoor gardens, as you can imagine the mess a regular tree would have inside.

12. Evergreens

Plant evergreen trees and shrubs so you can have a wonderfully green garden all year round.

13. Protect your bulbs

Modern Garden with a rustic twist Yorkshire Gardens Modern style gardens
Yorkshire Gardens

Modern Garden with a rustic twist

Yorkshire Gardens

If you're sick of insects munching away at your precious bulbs, keep them away by sticking netting over your flowers.

14. Alternatively…

Instead of avoiding invasive plants, you could also welcome them whole-heartedly! English ivy will take over any wall it's planted on, and that might be exactly what you want. It creates an easy-to-maintain living wall, and the leaves are just so lush and beautiful.

15. Garden pond

An easy way to keep your garden pond healthy and low-maintenance, don't shoo away the frogs and newts that try to make their way in. They're vital for a healthy aquatic ecosystem, and they'll begin to attract all the other kinds of wildlife that will make your pond natural and self-sustainable.

16. Along the walkway

Plant low-lying shrubs and trees in your walkway leading to the home. If they can only get so big to begin with, you won't have to worry about pruning the hedges every other day to make sure your entrance doesn't become overgrown.

17. Pots instead of beds

Using pots instead of planting in plant beds means that you can transport your trees and flowers whenever you feel like changing the look of your garden. It also means that come wintertime, you have an easy way to bring them inside and away from the deadly winter weather.

If you love gardening tips, you might also enjoy learning how to design a beautiful front garden!

Have you tried any of these tips before? Did you learn anything new? Let us know what you thought below!
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