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Modern houses: 10 ideas that will transform your hallway

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One of the most original ways to have an impeccable and stylish entrance is to have the right elements. Less is definitely more when it comes to welcoming our guests when they enter our homes. There are many ways to spruce up this space, including adding mirrors, wooden furniture, shelves, artwork, and much, much more.

If you are about to do some remodeling work at home, we recommend you read these 10 ideas that will transform your hallway. After reading this list, you will be able to define the style and type of decorations you'll want for your hallway.

So say yes to design and start the tour!

​1. Furniture

 Organisation is the key to making your home look very clean, and having furniture to store objects is the ideal solution. Take this small dresser as the perfect example. It's neat and can stow away hats, gloves, various papers, you name it. And it's ornamental, adding extraordinary character to a once plain entryway.

2. At the entrance

The functionality of the doors can be the key to take advantage of every inch of the entrance space. If you have a large hallway where you can sit or stand around and mingle, why not integrate an oak door? Sometimes it's nice to have style in our main structural elements, but that is especially true in places like this that deserve to be perfectly decorated.

3. Plants

Get a plant with a spectacular shape and style to embellish your hallway. Not to mention plants have a way of relaxing us. It's the perfect way of being welcomed into a home. You can also place decorative branches at the entrance. It's a thrifty way to give your hallway a decorative touch and it paves the way for more wooden decoration beyond the corridor.

4. Take advantage of stairs

Capitalize on your stairs at the entrance and use them to create a leading role in the area. A structure like this will bring more than you think if you take advantage of the light. And having stairs here is the starting point for not placing meaningless furnishings where people need to walk.

5. Use fun lighting

Hanging lights will certainly give personality to the entire area, not just the hallway, but use it in your favour anyway so that they embellish the whole room. Lights are elements that we can never not have, so why not take advantage of the grace of electricity and use decorative pieces to considerably glamourise the space?

6. Art

Artwork may be just the touch you needed most. Just by looking at these paintings, we can sense the visual impact they have on us. This is an excellent way to give your entrance a more striking and creative image. Placing furniture with eclectic designs gives the area shapes and textures in a unique and special way. Use a wooden cabinet to organize and store belongings and combine tonalities to create unification.

7. Contrast

Using darker elements amongst an all-white interior brings a stark and interesting contrast to your entrance. This masterful staircase design adds boldness and invites equally daring artwork to complement it. 

8. Think of balance

You can achieve balance in your hall by placing seats that are the same style to generate visual aesthetics throughout the area. Aesthetics are often measured by the way we embellish our spaces. Decorating is an excellent way to give life to your environment, even more to the entrance, which functions as an introduction to the rest of the home. 

9. Storage

It's common practice to take off your shoes before entering the home. After all, no one wants to drag the dirt of the world into the place they live. Organise your shoes at the entrance with something like this shoe rack. Placing them under a bench is also a great way to keep them out of the way so your guests don't trip over them.

10. All about the impact

The entrance to our homes must be an area we are proud of. Of course it won't be immaculate all the time, but it should look balanced and tidy. This is essential if we want our home to offer comfort. Having pictures as decorative elements makes the residence look luxurious. You can put them wherever you want, but make sure they are related to each other. 

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Which decorative idea are you going to try? Let us know below!
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