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The hallway is a high-traffic and single purpose area, but that doesn't mean it needs to be any less interesting than the rest of your home. In fact, we think that hallways needs decoration. They are, after all, passageways to different rooms, and as such, should complement the rest of the decor. We also understand why this is a reluctant area to decorate–since it is only a passageway, many people don't want to spend that extra money to furnish a space most people will quickly breeze through.

So we thought it would be a good idea to gather a few fun do-it-yourself ideas for your hallway–for all you penny-pinchers out there! Each DIY item in the list is low-cost and high-reward, so you should have no problem picking out the accent that's perfect for your hallway.

1. Upcycle a bit

The first way you can save money in DIY projects is to take what you don't use and repurpose it. You can fashion small tables and long benches from unused wooden crates and boards. Just think how handy it would be to have this bench in your entryway where you can sit down with ease and take off your shoes. 

2. Wall hangings

Fun crocheted wall hangings like this look great over small dressers in the bedroom and are just as interesting to your guests when you hang them in the hallway. Create ones like this or ones with purpose–you can knit small pouches to hang on the wall for various things like jewelry, hats, or keys. If you're a fan of going big and bold, you could also try to make a wall tapestry.

3. Storage shelf

This DIY storage shelf was made from old pieces of wood and fits neatly into the wall for all of your organisational needs. Store shoes, jackets, hand bags, and rainwear, and don't forget to shut the sliding door when you're done so the mess is out of sight.

4. Lamp shades

Spruce up your hallway lighting with a unique lampshade. Made from upcycled wood, this lamp now casts interesting shadows that make your hallway look like a gateway to a new world. 

5. Plant holders

Anyone can go out and buy a pot for their plants, but if you want to add some life to your hallway and give it distinct charm, try making your own plant stand. These plant stands were made from small metal coils and add rustic shabby charm.

6. Paper ornaments

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This idea is especially good if you have children. Paper ornaments are fun for the whole family to make and they add pops of bright bold colour to an otherwise bland space. Hang them right by the entrance or string them along the length of the hallway–either way, you're sure to have a look that will strike all with wonder and amazement.

7. For the whole family

Anyone can hang pictures in the hall, but it takes a true creative eye to be able to fashion wall art into a life-sized family tree from them. Painting themes behind photos like this brings unique character to your hallway.

8. Paintings

If you're an artist, why not make your hallway a true one-of-a-kind with an original piece of artwork! This is where you have the ultimate freedom. You can choose any colour under the sun and place them where they'll turn the most heads.

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Which of these ideas would you like to see in your home? Let us know below!

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