20 great ideas for creating an enviable, modern living room

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If you’re thinking of renovating or redecorating your living room, then you’re in luck!

Today we’re dealing with living rooms; specifically how to make a modern, enviable living space. We’ll be looking at modern, innovative projects with fresh, creative ideas, and running through a selection of fantastic concepts that you can use for inspiration, ultimately helping you to make the best possible decision based on your personal tastes and style.

 Let’s get started…

1. Different textures and colours

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Go for combinations of colours and textures, such as stone, wood or concrete, and always strive for the balance between all these elements.

2. Lighting is fundamental

Take advantage of natural light, and supplement it with spotlights and lamps.

3. Don’t be afraid to mix different styles

You can achieve a modern look by combining decorative elements of different styles. For example, a modern design table with a classic or antique carpet.

4. Paint smaller rooms white

This creates more light and increases the feeling of space.

5. Manage the space and layout of the room well

The living room is typically pretty well furnished, so design a layout that facilitates transit and doesn’t generate obstacles.

6. Incorporate art

Incorporating art into the room’s design increases the visual appeal and adds an air of refinement.

7. Wood brings a natural feel

Wood brings a natural feel to the room and helps to create a warm and cosy atmosphere. It combines with any style and can provide a natural touch in a world that’s often all too artificial.

8. Make it really stand out

If your living room’s already fully furnished but you want to give it more prominence still, include a differentiating element, such as a floor lamp or a painting.

9. Incorporate textiles

Introduce a set of cushions of different sizes and patterns that invoke a more comfortable and relaxed attitude.

10. Colour for comfort

Neutral and soft tones tend to create an atmosphere of comfort.

11. For lovers of social gatherings

Make sure there’s plenty of comfortable seating arranged in ways that facilitates easy communication.

12. Give the room personality

Give the room personality with varied accents.

13. The devil’s in the details

Certain decorative details can make all the difference, so pay close attention to the smaller decorative items.

14. Take advantage of natural light

Choapan Decor by Erika Winters®Design Erika Winters® Design Living room
Erika Winters® Design

Choapan Decor by Erika Winters®Design

Erika Winters® Design

If your living room is small take advantage of any available natural light. Choose light colours to enhance the feeling of space and use colour only in the small details.

15. Go green!

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Últimos trabajos


Include plants in the décor to infuse the room with life, colour and vitality.

16. Try a different wall cladding

Try an original wall cladding, such as: stone, wood, wallpaper, vinyl or decorative painting.

17. Try vibrant colour

Don’t be afraid to use vibrant colors like red. After all, it’s your home so why not express yourself a little?

18. Of course you can also combine colours

Not everything has to be a vibrant tone; you can combine bold colours with other softer shades, like white or ivory, to contrast and balance the room.

19. Carpets can be important

Carpets, textiles and prints can contribute greatly to the room’s décor.

20. A fire will warm the room

Literally and figuratively, in that it will imbue the room with a feeling of cosiness.

If you’re still searching for the perfect living room design then you could always consult a professional. In the meantime, check out these nine spectacular ideas for living room decoration.

Have you got any great ideas for living room decoration? If so, let us know in the comments below!

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