The Dark and Mysterious Home with an Inviting Interior

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The KTF House serves as a great example of modern architecture in Japan. When you first lay your eyes on this home, I recommend that you withhold judgment because its exterior only tells part of its story. 

This elegant, albeit rather austere abode called the KTF House was designed by the Japanese architects at Artect Design. It is a jet black edifice constructed in unmistakably modern style, which makes it stand out from its more neutral neighbourhood surroundings. It rises high, jutting above its the other buildings like a looming rhombus. On a sunny day, its windows give nothing away, but by nightfall are given a curious hint about the goings on inside. Let's just say that for all its sharp edges, the KTF House yields to a surprisingly warm and welcoming interior. Join us as we explore it on this virtual tour!

Stark contrast

Residing beyond a tall concrete fence, the KTF House doesn't exactly come off as welcoming to passers by. In fact, many might even call it a bit intimidating. The black hues of the exterior are even reflected in the windows, giving it a mysterious air. Still, it is undeniably striking against the backdrop of the blue sky, which only adds to its allure. This building's architecture is also characterised by contrast. Let's have a closer look.

Warming up to it

As we approach the home, we are welcomed by slightly less extreme hues. It's almost as if the black exterior was cut away to expose a softer layer beneath the industrial outer core, the entryway is a chocolate brown and there are plants lining the steps up to the door. The windows appear tinted here too, so it's hard to discern much else from this sleek exterior. It's time to peek inside.

A heart of honey

Wow! The golden colouring of the interior is far from expected. The choice to pair such an exterior with the décor and colour scheme of this living area is quite fascinating. The furnishings are simple and utilitarian, and the lighting is exceptional. The glow of the ceiling fixtures pairs quite well with the ample natural light emanating in from the large windows, which is another surprise as compared with the windows' shaded appearance from the outside. How cosy!

An space lacking pretense

From this angle we can see more of the main room of the home. It is certainly void of any pretence we might have acquired from the exterior. All feels gentler. The darker exposed wood of the ceiling is a subtle reminder of the exterior entryway cast in an entirely new light thanks to the soft tones of the wood floors and furnishings. It is a perfect place to enjoy a meal with friends and family or to get some work done at the desk while bathed in sunshine from the adjacent window. 

What stories a building can tell

Somehow the place doesn't look quite as foreboding now that we are privy to the warm ambiance of the inside whose light is radiating out of the stark exterior. Once you see what's inside, it is hard not to feel drawn to this home.  What a message these architects are expressing to the world through its design! It takes exceptional talent to tell such a story through a single building. 

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Were you surprised by the interior? Let us know your thoughts in the comments, below!

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