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Make a living room feel warm and cosy

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A warm and cosy living room has a special, intangible feeling of life, personality and soul. Ideally, this is a place where you can feel comfortable living, creating and spending time with the people you love. But it can be tricky to create a stylish room that doesn’t just look, but feel good in this way.

We experience our living spaces in tactile and emotional ways that encompass more than just our visual sense. A cosy room is filled with loved things, considered lighting, furnishings and furniture placed in arrangements that create perfect little spaces for snuggling, dreaming and lounging about.

A great living room is never a mere showcase. It is a home and this means that it’s more than just a collection of furniture and beautiful functional objects. So how can you create such a place? Here are a few tips to get you started.

Sofas and couches

There are sofas and couches that are lovely to look at, but not exactly perfect to curl up in. Choose something with a little bit of both. Take your time testing out a new chair to see if you can curl up comfortably.

Creating a cosy place requires a less formal approach. Don't create a whole room full with a single furniture range. Mix it up a little as Rasa En Detail have done here, putting pieces that feel right together using your own intuition.

Another good approach is to place sofas and couches opposite each other so people can face each other while chatting. Find a smaller sofa and push it up against the wall, pile it high with pillows and create a little nook.

Add some candles

Ivory floating candles and ball candles The London Candle Company HouseholdAccessories & decoration
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Ivory floating candles and ball candles

The London Candle Company

Fireplaces always fill a home with character and warmth. But the warm climate of South East Asia requires a little more imaginative approach. So if you're concerned about excess heat, use a beautiful bank of candles instead. Dozens of small flames will add lots of texture and a homely glow to the ambience of the living room.

Comfy cushions

The secret to choosing cushion fabrics is to find things with creative textures that you would like to touch and hold. Faux fur, fluffy textures and chintz create a comforting ambience.

Be generous with your sizes and make sure the cushions are extremely soft and down-filled. Don't worry too much about having everything match perfectly. Similarly, keep blankets, shawls and throws within reach or even on display.

Warm up the walls

Every colour has a mood, and nothing says warmth, sunshine and life like a dazzling yellow hue. Golden hues don't need to be oversaturated either, even the slightest buttery addition to your paint can create warmth. For extra warmth consider natural wood panels and add a rich, thick lacquer or stain to bring out the rich golden hues of the natural wood grain.

Layer up the rugs

Nothing quite creates a sense of inner sanctuary like the sensuous experience of sinking barefoot into a deep fluffy rug.

A thick rug will not just create a lovely ambience, but will absorb sharp sounds and create a more muffled atmosphere. Soft, antique or colourful ethnic designs can create the visual variety needed for a warmer look while retaining a modern sense of style as shown here in this design by Reform Architects.  

Don't be afraid to layer rugs either. One practical flat rug can be covered in a sumptuously deeper rug, creating a riot of colour.

Decorative Accessories

Lighting, furniture and comfy throws all have their place, but none of them matter like the personal touches you bring to the space. Soul gives a living room life, so display your favourite paintings, plants, books and add whimsical touches. Print out your favourite photos, frame your children's artworks and give them their own display wall in varying sizes and shapes.

Last but not least, consider your lighting plan. Completely avoid harsh lighting and strong wattages. Use multiple light sources to create little pools of light. Never use cool light globes, use warmer ones instead. For the final touch, consider hanging a string of tiny, warm twinkly lights to complete the theme.  If you liked this ideabook, have a look at Antique Styling: Get the look for less

What do you think of these cosy living room ideas. We'd love to hear in the comments below!

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