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The 7 most fashionable home colours for 2017

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For people, not just in Malaysia, but all around the world, 2016 was not a good year. While we are sure that there have been many small victories, and a couple of really large ones, the truth of the matter is that this past year has been tough, and that as a universal culture we have all experienced a lot of losses.

However, we bring good tidings here at homify, November is upon us and soon we shall be ringing in the new year, which will bring its own set of challenges, hardships, but also, plenty of good memories. And with such an important cultural year almost behind us, it may be time to try to reinvent yourself. The new year is great for this practice, as it gives us the feeling of having a clean slate where you can be anyone, and do anything.

And probably the best way to show this new change in yourself, is by remixing your own home. As your house is a reflection of you, redesigning your home may be the best way of looking into yourself, and redesigning your own mind. And the best, and probably the cheapest, place to start is by changing up the colour pallet of your rooms. So, to give you a hint as to what the hottest colours of next year will be, we've prepared 7 colours that will definitely inspire you and set you down the path of reinvention.

1. Somber settings

Because this past year has been marked with so much turmoil, you may find yourself wanting to explore 2016 in more depth. As such, this mixture of very dark blue and black do a great job of conveying the seriousness of the situation. It brings about a sense of gravitas, and will give anyone visiting the sense that you are a grown person, who feels the weight of the world on their shoulders.

To achieve this serious style, you must choose dark blue, or something similar, as your background. However, everything else around it is also vital. Dark colours contrast well with white, so use that as a way of highlighting what is most important in the room. In the case of this hallway,  it is the staircase. Finally, when using this darker colour, adding a bit of life gives the area the spark it needs. The easiest way of doing so is by adding something wooden into the mix. The wood accentuates the darker themes, and reinforces the sense of gravitas.

If you're looking for a way to contemplate the past events, and want a room that reflects that, this is the way to go.

2. Neutral disposition

modern Living room by Maison Noblesse
Maison Noblesse

Neutral lounge with a touch of colour

Maison Noblesse

Almost like the other side of the coin, at least when compared to the previous colour, this living room offers up another way of remembering the past year, and potentially shaping how 2017 will go for you. The neutral colours do a great job at alleviating the stress of the past, while still leaving you with their somber effects, seen in the lack of any profound colours.

But just because you're using neutral colours, does not in any way mean that you can't have a bit of colour in the room. To properly convey the feeling of this colour, we suggest you add in bits of red, mirroring the way the living room above does it. This adds a bit of life to the area, while maintaining the overall thoughtful feel of the room. While neutral colours, even the darker ones, don't necessarily convey a powerful message, they still inspire retrospection in thinking about how we could do better in the year to come.

3. Lighten up a little

Despite the first two colour choices, 2017 doesn't have to be all doom and gloom, and thinking about the past. Still some semblance of the past should linger, but maybe not in the profound ways that the past two rooms have tried to convey. Therefore, a bit more colour will do no one any harm, and in fact, it is a great way of getting a more positive outlook on the days to come.

A great way of achieving this outlook is by preparing your room for more brighter days. The main way of doing that is by electing something colorful, without it being too bold or striking. The blue of the bedroom above, straddles this line spectacularly as it is colourful, without having to take up too much of your attention. As always, it is helped by the colours around it, to truly get that perfect punch. The white, despite being somewhat dominant, accentuates the blue, and helps maintain the balance. Plenty of natural sunlight will also do the trick, so we recommend you get a bit of both.

Remember the past to forge the future, may soon become the motto of 2017, so get yourself in the right mindset and prepare for an amazing next year.

4. Multi-coloured futures

Moving even more towards a brighter 2017, this kitchen is a great example of the modern uses of colour, and is a direct continuation of the ideas started in the previous bedroom. The colours, while not eye popping and demanding of too much attention, manage to bring a sense of joy into the room, signalling that no matter how bad, everything is going to alright in the end.

However, it's not just the right balance of colour helps the kitchen have such an effect. The materiel upon which the colour is painted is also very important. If it were used on anything synthetic, the colour would be sharper, and miss the point of the room. However, since wood is in full use, the balance is perfectly maintained. Natural materials can sometimes convey subtleties far easier than synthetic ones, so when deciding on a colour, keep in mind where that colour will appear.

5. Lily pond days to come

The perfect balancing between the more passive colours and the dynamic ones that await below, this wallpaper offers a great and lively look for your new 2017 home. While we've previously had one colour being dominant and the others simply acting as boosters, this bedroom goes to show just how amazing a true mixture of colours can be.

While they don't necessarily have to be blue and green, two colours that are close on the colour wheel can have just the same effect, there has to be a very careful symphony between the two. One cannot come out as the clear 'winner', and both should help make the other great. Consult a designer if you feel overwhelmed, as this balance is key. However, once you've found it, you'll be rewarded with a great looking home, that will put a positive spin on the upcoming year.

6. Brighter outlooks

Throughout this article we've been dealing with indoor, and how to properly convey a thoughtful space in which to think about the past year and what effect it'll have on 2017. However, for plenty out there, thinking about 2016 might be bad idea, and instead, it would be best to have a bright outlook on the upcoming year, choosing to welcome it in the most flashy way possible.

Well this garden area offers just that. The great choice of hearty orange mixes well with the rest of the outdoors, and will without a doubt turn any frown upside down. Just like with the kitchen above, the orange pops really well, thanks to the use of natural material, this time granite. This is the great thing about natural materials. They can convey both subtlety and absolute joy with ease. Further enhancing the colour is the white trimming, which serves as  a way of concentrating the orange, and allowing it to burst out in the places it should.

For those looking for a way of throwing away past fear, and embracing the present, this is the perfect colour style for you.

7. Sunny optimism

Following the path of the garden, this bathroom will fill anyone who uses it with sunny optimism, bringing joy after a long hard day at work. 2017 may have some of its own issues, but all of those can be counteracted with this force of optimistic nature.

As we've mentioned before, synthetic materials usually turn colours up to eleven. While this may be a problem with some spaces, places like bathrooms, and even kitchens, can greatly benefit from all of that power. If you want the full force of a colour, using tiles will probably be your best move. Not only are they easy to place, but they manage to contain all that joy in a single small square. If you're set on making 2017, and yourself, very optimistic, then this type of colour is just for you. 

And, if you're out to remake the rest of your home, after you've decided on a colour, this article will be a huge source of inspiration.

Will you choose the more introspective colours, or are you going to go light and breezy? We love to hear from you, so tell us below!
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