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The last couple of decades have seen Poland grow exponentially as their economy improves dramatically, and nowhere is this more obvious than the in the world of architecture. With greater prosperity comes greater creative freedoms when it comes to deigning and building homes, and Poland is home to some of the most spectacular homes in the world, which is exactly what we're looking at today!

With a rough and wild landscape, Poland is perfect for innovative homes hidden away in the countryside, and as you'll see they are really setting the bar. The homes we're looking at today are incredibly modern, creating an interesting contrast to their natural setting. Whether they are minimalist tiny homes, or sprawling mansions, these homes take inspiration from the past, and with a whole lot of imagination develop the ideas into futuristic examples of contemporary architecture that are sure to blow you away.

Now let's take a look at what Poland has to offer!

1. A stylish and functional villa

In the middle of winter this home is certainly a comforting sight. Inspired by classic bungalows with its sloping tile roof and rich timber details, this home features a number of innovative variations on the traditional structure, including a wonderful glass sunroom that is just begging for the season to change. 

The window that wraps around the corner of the house is a nice addition, ensuring plenty of natural light and fresh air in the kitchen, while the bedroom balcony on the upper floor promises stunning views to wake up to.

2. A contemporary interpretation of the classic cabin

This magical home blends perfectly with its lush surroundings due to its dark rainforest green facade. The simple design belies a very modern approach to form, with the minimalist structure featuring a simple box shaped lower unit that leads to a second storey bedroom at the back of the home. 

The natural timber appearance is simple but really effective, and provides an interesting counterpoint to the cool industrial interior. This forest getaway looks like the perfect place to turn your cellphone off and forget about the city for a while.

3. Perched on a hilltop

This is a great example of how a landscape can shape the design of a home, as the architects employed a number of creative solutions to perch it atop a steep slope, including an elevator for easy access! 

The design is fascinating, with the avant-garde lines creating several balconies and plentiful windows  (including several skylights) ensuring this home makes the most of the ample sunlight. We love how the designer's mastery of form has resulted in an accomplished, but still really fun home.

4. A modern tree house

Floating magically in mid-air, this whimsical home proves that growing up doesn't mean abandoning your childhood. Featuring a super simple construction so as not to distract from its fairytale setting, the only problem is access. That's until you notice the discrepancies in the image— this home does in fact have a ground floor, it's just completely covered in mirrors! 

This has to be one of the most interesting design approaches we've ever seen, and the result is spectacular, creating a stunning illusion while also tapping into the beautiful natural surroundings to decorate the facade. Just be careful when you're looking for the door!

5. Geometric elegance

This home is a fascinating study of lines and the interplay of shapes, making for the most interesting home on the block. 

The combination of wooden slats, cobblestone paths, and concrete panels, provides a natural grounding to the more abstract shape of the home, while the large upper window promises maximum privacy without having to sacrifice on natural light. Inspired by modern chapels this home is a really interesting contribution to the world of architecture.

6. A beautiful garden villa

We are so jealous of this spacious and delightful garden, with plenty of room for the kids to run around, or just to lay out a couple of deck chairs and soak up that gorgeous sun. The house is modest, with a nice sombre colour palette giving it a sophisticated look that still works in perfect harmony with the vibrant green surroundings, and a unique L shape providing space for a balcony on the upper floor that doubles as a protective porch. This home shows that sometimes keeping it simple is the most effective approach.

We're sure you found these fantastic homes as inspiring as we did, and it just goes to show that Poland has a lot to teach us in the world of home design, and it's time to take notice! If you'd like to see more homes in wonderful natural settings just head this way!

Tell us which home you liked best in the comments section!

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