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How to make your home look hip with mid-century furniture

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It may be the 2016, but the nostalgic pull of the curious designs of the 1950s is taking modern-day homes back in time. Homeowners and renters alike are all over the market searching for unique, mid-century accessories. Why? Because in a world where designs are often copied in mass, we strive for custom-made, rare pieces that will make our homes stand out. And this is where the mid-century modern style came from. 

This aesthetic is uncomplicated, fresh, and reshapes interior design through a bold new lens, as it bridges the organic and the man-made. To help you make your home look hip with mid-century furniture, we've compiled a list of accessories you can easily add to your home.

So come with us and take your home back in time!

1. Bring back wood

Wooden elements have always been the marker of mid-century design. Let real wood be the highlight of your interior. Bring in pieces with clean lines made from teak, walnut, oak, or even rosewood. 

These types of wood best resemble the 1950s and brings a classy, Mad Men sort of vibe to your home.

2. Old-timey furniture

If you want to add mid-century flair to your home, you'd best skip all those mass-produced furniture stores and head straight to the flea markets. This is your treasure hung back in time–rummage around for furnishings with wooden elements, ornate legs, or bold graphic fabrics.

3. Add a bar

Incorporating a built-in bar, or bar carts like the one we see here, is a nostalgic way to bring back the 50s. A bar cart might have the upper hand in your home, as they can be wheeled from room to room for parties. Whichever one you choose, add vintage glasses, either clear glass or elaborately decorated, some classy liquors—and what bar would be complete without a cocktail shaker?

4. Mirrors

Mirrors are always the perfect design accessory. They reflect light, create more of an airy feeling to any room, and add character, depending on frame style, of course. 

This sunburst mirror is an icon of mid-century design, so it's simply a must-have. Since these are quite popular mirror styles anyway, you can easily find one in any hardware store.

5. Ant chairs

Ant chairs are another icon of the era. The back and the seat of the chair are connected as one piece of wood, and the unique tapered back and distinctive tripod legs characterise the design. 

6. Graphic wallpaper

Mid-century patterns are bold, geometric, have sensuous curves, and attribute whimsical themes to a home. Go the extra mile with coordination and choose wallpaper that is the inverse of your floor pattern, as seen here. 

7. Mimic the marshmallow look

Our last furnishing tip is something a little peculiar. The marshmallow sofa is one of the most unforgettable furnishings of the era, but unfortunately, it's getting harder and harder to find this style replicated in stores or even in antique shops. There is a more modern way to go about this style, though–mimic as best you can. 

This sofa imitates the marshmallow look in the closest way we could find. The main point is, you want to find something that gives you the puffed-up cushion look, and this large-and-in-charge sofa does just that. It truly allows this modern space to take on more of a mid-century look, and other accessories like that rocking chair bring it all together for the perfect mid-century modern style.

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