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9 little luxuries that every home needs

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Shabby Chic Design Kitchen Schmidt Kitchens Barnet Kitchen MDF Blue
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You've definitely flipped through magazines and coffee table books, or watched shows on TV featuring celebrity or royal homes. Often, the luxuries and repetiveness of these opulent abodes receives eye rolls and laughter. We don't blame you, but perhaps when it comes to your own modest abode you could afford to add more luxury items to make the most banal, daily tasks more enjoyable (if not bearable!)

Below we've accumulated a list of both affordable and accessible little luxuries that we think every home needs. We're certain that most of these will have you curious and caprice checking before you know it!

1. Exposed shelving

Shabby Chic Design Kitchen Schmidt Kitchens Barnet Kitchen MDF Blue
Schmidt Kitchens Barnet

Shabby Chic Design Kitchen

Schmidt Kitchens Barnet

It's not an incredibly new interior design concept, but exposed shelving has come a long way as a defining measure of modernity and minimalism. Give it a try in your kitchen for a quick and affordable upgrade!

2. Decorative structural features

Garderoben | Haken stey INTERIOR

Garderoben | Haken


Highlight the structural features of your home—exposed ceiling beams, thick crown molding, thick baseboards and original wood floors. Look at the historicity this apartment contains!

3. An organised eating area

As an adult or someone with children, you should provide your family and guests with a proper place to grab a snack or come over for an evening glass of wine!

4. A plush headboard and bed linens

Get rid of the cheap bedframes and college-style dormitory furniture. Invest in plush bedding to change the entire look of your bedroom! We promise you'll get a better nights' rest. Notice how you always rest better in luxury hotels? Well… there's a reason for that.

5. Raw timber for everything

Exposed shelving? Bed frame? Matching bed bench? Try exposed timber as your new material of choice and see just how modern-rustic it makes your home look!

6. At least one piece of furnishings that's an investment piece

It's finally time to invest in that one Eames lounge chair or that great dining set that you saw from a local industrial designer. These pieces speak volumes for your taste, will last a lifetime and will be a story to tell one day.

7. A spa-style bathroom

Also invest in a whirlpool-style tub, lots of candles and an organised setting for your bathroom. Turn it into your own individual oasis. We have some more ideas on how to make your bathroom more like a spa!

8. Cosy faux-animal rugs

Choose some faux-animal rugs to warm up your feet and make your home look cosy, rustic and romantic all-in-one. Great for bedrooms, bathrooms and even living rooms, white or cream-coloured animal furs are perfect for nordic and Scandinavian-style homes.

9. Heated flooring and towel warmers

Lastly, during the construction of your home, considering investing in under-floor warmers and a heated towel rack. We all know how unbearable it can feel going to the bathroom or showering in the midst of winter—these simple items can make it much more bearable.

We hope you've considered some of these luxuries for your home as most of them are affordable and accessible. To see how to take your home to the next luxury level, check out some great stylish pools!

If you had to choose, which of these luxuries would you rate as most important? Tell us why below!
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