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10 home style predictions for 2017—you heard it here first!

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The approach of the new year means a fresh start with a different approach to all areas of life! A massive cleanup should be in store for those of you looking to achieve attainable goals—whether it be working from home more efficiently, leading a healthier lifestyle or hosting social events and evening dinners.

Sure, sometimes re-arranging furnishings can give you a new perspective, but having a plan to set in motion some changes is always helpful—and what better way to do that than to check out the newest interior design trends for 2017? Some of these you might recognise from various bloggers or magazines, however, each are new in their own right and should be considered for your new, inspired 2017 home!

1. Darker palettes

Paris apartment Diff.Studio Living room

Paris apartment


Most interior design resources will tell you that lighter, more neutral colour palettes are best for every home. We're even sure that we've said it on numerous occasions. However, with 2017 approaching, we want to make sure that you know that darker colours are back. This beautiful loft-style apartment is a perfect example of how far—and how dark—you can take this colour trend. Make sure to add candles or great light fixtures though!

2. Add a resting space

Who would've though that oversized bean bags could be so tantalising to adults? This Scandi-style recreation room is perfect for an in-home office or a place to chat and get together with friends. 

3. A Parisian salon style living room for socialising

A cosy living room a great start—but we want you to look back to the 19th and 20th centuries for design inspiration. A Parisian Salon was not just an interior design and architectural feat, but a social one as well. A place of high design where creatives and socialites would congregate to discuss the artistic and trying matters of the day. Take a look at this modernised version of an Art Deco-style living room here and start to feel the flow!

4. Multiple-coloured walls

ERC Living room

One walls are so last year! With feature walls and dynamic palettes making a comeback, we're quite happy! Choose two matching, yet lighter colours and give your home a complete colour makeover. The best part is that this can completely change your home for an affordable price.

5. Minimalist/Essentialist wardrobes

Skip the bulky closets and covered, sliding doors. Minimalist wardrobes and closets are the best thing to happen to homeowners since exposed shelving. Go through your closet and either donate or sell all the clothing you haven't worn in the past few months. Pick your key pieces and highlight them with your new minimalist wardrobe. 

6. Children deserve high design, too!

Prettypegs - Shoe your furniture! Prettypegs BedroomAccessories & decoration

Prettypegs—Shoe your furniture!


The most perfectly designed home can be ruined if a sense of cohesiveness is lost. So often, homeowners make us proud with their design choices, yet leave out their children's rooms. Just because they are young and constantly evolving doesn't mean they don't appreciate some inspiration too!

7. Retro, chequered flooring

Bring back the retro-inspired chequered flooring. Black and white chequered floors are fantastic for entry ways, lobbies and kitchens. A monochromatic palette is great, but we're loving the new, modern take on chequered floors with the dining room detail shown here!

8. Cosy-up utilitarian spaces

Just as you shouldn't leave children's rooms out of the mix, don't leave out utilitarian rooms either! Add a cosy animal-skin rig to your bathroom or a refurbished classic mirror with a gilded frame! Adding the slightest sense of warmth to these rooms will make you happy for months to come. 

9. Create a modern home work space

More and more often, companies are sending employees home from work to finish up on tasks, or people are simply working from home full-time. If either of these situations apply to you, then you should consider designating a home work space. 

Choose some unique, funky wallpaper and some great Scandi-style furnishings that are both comfortable and stylish.

10. A fully-functioning dining room

Lastly, what makes a house a home is those we welcome into it. For quaint and cosy dinner parties, cocktail parties and late-night gatherings, prep your home with a fully-functioning dining room that can at least hold six-to-eight people. This will allow you the space and design to invite loved ones over, if you found that in 2016 you didn't get muuch of a chance to.

We hope you feel inspired for 2017 and are ready for a fresh and inspiring beginning. The new year always comes with a sense of optimism, and we're definitely feeling it here at homify.

How do you feel about these style predictions? We can't wait to hear more from you!
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