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A home of simple pleasures and laid back style

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ESTER SANCHEZ LASTRA Modern dining room
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Interior decorating isn't always about getting the boldest or most ornate piece of furniture or accessory you can find. Sometimes it's about finding what's understated and subdued. And of course the size of your home makes all the difference, as well. Small homes, for example, call for a special kind of decoration–one that's subtle and involves light accessories and tones. For those of you looking to find inspiration for your small home, we have a treat for you today.

The interior architect, Ester Sanchez Lastra, brought us the project we're viewing today. Using a delicate colour palette and modern furnishings, our professional was able to craft a living space that exudes subtle and simple living.

So come with us and see for yourself!

The living room

Our first look into the home brings us into the living room. Right away we see the perfect use of neutrals to visually expand the space and make it warm and inviting. Large glass windows contribute to the airy feeling, while plush textiles like the sofa, throw, and carpet provide softness. 

Integrated dining room

Turning around, we see that the dining room is also a part of the living area, meaning this small home has an open plan design. The dining room is simple, clean, and classy. With minimal decoration, the space maintains a tranquil atmosphere. And we just love the integrated bookshelves in the wall. They help save on floor space and offer a fresh new design to the ordinary look.

The kitchen

Orange is a difficult colour to pull off in the home, but these architects sure got it right. Subdued tones are the perfect choice when you want to incorporate a bolder colour without making your space too loud. The colour also reminds us of autumn, so if you're trying to decorate for fall, look here for inspiration.

To the bedroom

As we can see from this image, the bedroom is located just behind the wall of the living room and is separated from it by a sliding door. The floor material remains the same for overall uniformity, but the wall colour changes for interest and function. Blue is a calming and promotes peace and rest–perfect choice for the bedroom. 

En-suite bath

Our last view is of the en-suite bathroom connected to the bedroom. The bathroom is also separated by a sliding door, keeping spaces private while also allowing free communication when necessary. 

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What did you think of this subtle interior? We'd love to know your thoughts in the comments section below!
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