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That's right! Each and every single one of these houses is painted black!

Black can be a difficult colour to work with, and people will often quickly dismiss the idea of using it as a design element based on that preconception, but in fact when done right it can look absolutely amazing. While it's true that black can present challenges, especially for interiors, there are plenty of examples right here on homify that prove just how stunning it can be, and when it comes to decorating the outside of your home we don't think you should think twice.

That's why today we're going to look at 10 examples of totally chic black exteriors to show you just how impressive a black facade can look. Whether the entire exterior is a deep and mysterious shade of black, or it is lightened up with contrasting colours, a black facade is sleek, super stylish, and has the added benefit of warming your home through. So let's take a look, and perhaps you will consider a funky black facade for your own home.

1. Black timber

It's no accident that several of the homes featured in today's article are hidden away in the countryside, or feature vibrant gardens, as the lush greens of the surroundings look really stunning against the black facade. This home uses dark timber for the bottom floor before leaping a few shades along to the deep black of the upper floor, creating visual distinction while maintaining a unified aesthetic. You'll also notice how much the black helps the wooden panels on the underside of the roof to really stand out.

2. Let the interior speak

This home is constructed mostly from black bricks, but they have opened up the facade with massive timber framed windows that add colour and interest from within the home. This is a great idea if you feel that an entirely black facade can be imposing or overwhelming but you still want that chic look, plus it offers gorgeous views of the garden that you'll never tire of.

3. A mysterious tiny home

This miniature home is so intriguing, with the minimalist weatherboard exterior bursting open on the bottom floor to a bright white garage and porch area. The way the entranceway breaks the otherwise impervious black exterior draws you deep into the home in a way that is inviting but without giving away any of its secrets, but if you're just dying to know you can have a look right here!

4. A modern pre-fab home

Pre-fab homes are a fantastic option, especially if you find a cheap plot of land on the market, and this entirely black house is a great example. Black exteriors have never been a traditional choice, but are generally a signpost that you are looking at modern architecture due to the fact they work so well with minimalist and industrial styles. This home is a little of both, with its black wooden slat exterior offering a hip edge to the otherwise very straightforward and practical design.

5. A contemporary dream

As we've seen natural woodgrain looks really chic against a black facade, a fact the designers of this home knew all too well. The home features a recess for the entranceway which is the only part of the facade that features the wooden slats in their natural state, and the result is a spectacularly modern house that really draws the eye.

6. I see a red door

Generally speaking most homes that use black for the facade tend to temper it somewhat with white in order to provide visual contrast, and this home offers further distinction with that vibrant red door. Little dashes of colour are especially effective in this context, and the best part is pretty much any of your favourite colours will work. How you split the facade between black and white is up to you, but we think this approach of slicing the home down the middle works really well, especially with the varied volume of the two units, which are separated by a glass hallway.

7. A swooping structure

We just love this home, it's so whimsical, yet so sophisticated. The facade appears to curls upwards as you move down the house, looking as though it were a rubber box dropped onto the plot from above. They've achieved this illusion by using a jet black striped facade for the home, and a raw concrete finish for the garage at the rear. This is a truly unique design that proves tiny homes can be just as visually dynamic as their bigger counterparts, especially in the hands of the master architects here at homify!

8. A country retreat

Maison de vacances, RAUM RAUM Minimalist house

Deep in the forest you will find this impressive home with its stunning black finish. The ceiling starts almost at ground level, with the home built into a small incline, but finishes at over twice the height, with a huge second storey window. The high window ensures that sunshine will flood the interior for the maximum time possible, and also offers spectacular views of the surroundings. The contemporary urban design provides a really interesting counterpoint to the untouched natural setting.

9. A not-so-classical villa

This may just be our favourite example on the list due to the traditional thatched appearance of the roof, and the really impressive pitch; almost touching the sky. That's about the only traditional aspect to this house though, as the rest of the design is thoroughly modern, including a skylight and one entirely glass side, no doubt a reflection on the beauty of the environment. The sleek black exterior of wood and timber proves that a black colour palette can actually look quaint and comforting.

10. Maximum privacy

For those who like their private lives private, this is the perfect facade for you. This black concrete exterior offers absolutely nothing at street level, with no windows on the lower floor so that you can be sure no one will be able to sneak a peek into your fortress of solitude. The black is broken up by the white lines of the roof, and an upper floor balcony let's you soak up some of that glorious sun. A simple modern design of clean lines and stark contrast, this home is bold and daring, just how we like them.

Well we think we've more than proved how beautiful a black exterior can look, so next time someone tells you that black is too morbid or dark, just send them this way! For more great ideas for the facade of your home, check out these natural wonders!

Let us know which facade you liked best in the comment section!

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