8 brilliant storage ideas that you have never seen before

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Storage solutions have become ever more innovative over the years as people move into smaller and smaller spaces. Sure, we've gotten better at streamlining our lives and possessions, but the fact remains that clutter still tends to build up over time. 

So today, we're showing off 8 storage solutions you won't have seen before. Some may be familiar solutions with a twist, while others are totally unique. At the very least, these products will certainly inspire you to think differently about storage. Let's take a look!

1. Amazing use of under-stair space

No article on unique storage solutions is complete without some staircase storage! This one has a familiar twist on an old theme. The stunning combination of shapes, contrasting sizes and materials certainly lifts it up a notch or two in the style stakes. It's an under staircase storage system that doubles as a display cabinet.

2. A foldable kitchen storage wall

Pop-up kitchen PIA - Wood (KL 257S NDET) Dizzconcept KitchenCabinets & shelves

Pop-up kitchen PIA—Wood (KL 257S NDET)


Foldable kitchens have been popping up a lot lately. They usually consist of some simple cabinet doors or a single panel that can be slotted into place. But here we have a foldable kitchen with a storage unit. 

It includes shallow shelves, custom storage slots, and a small blackboard as well. It even has a wall-mounted TV! See, small doesn't mean you have to scrimp—this compact kitchenette is the height of luxury.

3. Step-up storage

Seating benches with built in storage aren't entirely new, but this bench has a third function—it's a step, too! Subtle, totally hidden from view and extremely functional, his kind of storage solution could be used in a platform bed or loft as well. There are really countless applications. Just ask an interior architect to help you out.

4. The world's cutest pantry

Most people living in small homes know just how useful a kitchen trolley can be. It's a little portable piece of furniture that can be used for extra bench space, storage space and popped out when needed. 

But it can sometimes get in the way if you don't have a good storage spot. This little kitchen pantry has the ideal solution. It has the perfect little storage nook under a shelf.

5. A wine rack with a twist

A wine collection adds a totally sophisticated look and feel to any home. But keeping the wine bottles out of direct sunlight can also be a little tricky to store if you don't have the space. 

Why not turn it into a wall display with these wine racks. They can be mounted on the wall so they don't take up any bench space as well. the only problem is that they're a little too accessible now!

6. Two in one bike rack

Unique bike racks are a huge area of exploration for product designers at the moment. There are lots of wall mounted options, but few that look at stylish as this! Whoever thought a bike rack could look so beautiful and minimalist! It's also very practical for those with narrow hallways. 

7. A secret space for the washing machine

There is nothing glamorous about storing the washing machine in the bathroom, but this solution is simple and slick. The washing machine is out of sight and the top doubles as bench space to store daily hygiene products as well. Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best!

8. The bedside table built up to reach the ceiling

Those who have done their research on bedroom storage may have already come across the idea of using your side tables for storage space. But it's unusual to see bedroom storage as narrow and tall as this. The best thing about it is that there are lots of narrow baskets on rails. This is a little storage area that really earns its floor space.

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Adapted from an original article by April Kennedy for homify SG

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