The Tea House—a Family Home

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At homify, we love a home that is functional for the whole family. This stout little abode is perfect for just that. Using simple angles, open planning, and practical design Artect Design has created this spacious and bright home. Its layout makes great use of the dimensional constraints of this property, demonstrating the skill of this design team. It is easy to see how easily acclimated it is for the young children who live here. The Tea House also bears elements of traditional Japanese architecture. Today we will be going on a virtual tour of the Tea House to get a more in-depth look at what all the hype is about.  There is just something about the Tea House that feels so uplifting! We hope that you will join us.

The perfect colour palette

Starting with the exterior, the colour palette is quite stunning. The cream coloured façade and hues of brown in the deck and garage work so well with the sandy front yard and pale blue sky. The tones are soft and inviting in and of themselves. Although the layout is a bit unconventional the clean lines and pleasant hues just seem to work. From the lively children playing on the veranda, we already get the sense that there is lots of space for them due to its minimalist design.

Playful family space

Now that we’ve crossed the threshold inside, we see the children roughhousing on the fluffy white area rug. It is a friendly space that also appears to be a nice spot for a nap, a testament to the functionality of minimalist spaces. The colours in here also blend perfectly, like a paint swatch of whites and beiges. There is lots of space for small children, and we catch a glimpse of a dining area that can accommodate the whole family.

Little nook in the open plan

Tucked neatly in the midst of everything is a study area. It is small but certainly adequate for two. The shelving keeps things up off the floor and out of the way. This is a great place for the children to study and play on the computer independently whilst not too far out of their parents’ supervision. The ability to fit the kitchen, dining area, living room, and study space so seamlessly in this layout is impressive.

Airy and open

As we move further into the home’s interior we get a better look at its remarkable lighting. The large sliding doors allow plenty of sunshine to stream in from outside. Additionally, there is built-in lighting behind the TV, which adds a pleasant yellow glow to the colour spectrum. The central room of the home feels airy and the living space is cohesive, a great execution of open planning technique.

Space for fun

The home even allows for a small private patio, perfect for play! The beam extended between the two halves of the building is a perfect base for a jungle gym. The number of possibilities for incorporating of the family’s needs into the structure of the home itself makes the Tea House architecturally remarkable.

On the other side of the threshold

On the other side of the patio we are met with another cheerful, sunny room. There is some petit furniture in here, likely where our little gymnasts come to rest after playtime. There is a great floor to ceiling shelving unit to the left where all of family’s things can be stored easily and kept out of the way. Making use of the corridor in this way further maximises space in the home.

If you were as impressed as we were by the architects at Artect Design, check out this dark and mysterious home with and inviting interior.

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