9 bedroom decor mistakes to avoid at all costs

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UNA VILLA DE LUJO EN MORAIRA, Laura Yerpes Estudio de Interiorismo Laura Yerpes Estudio de Interiorismo Mediterranean style bedroom
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Your bedroom is your ultimate sanctuary, and consequently requires a little extra thought and consideration in order to be the tranquil and serene escape you desire or need. Here at homify HQ we see a lot of designs that simply don’t make the cut. These spaces are often poorly planned, or tossed together in a confused array of furniture and accessories – certainly not peaceful or able to offer a decent night’s rest!

There are certain design tips and tricks that will however help you to create a stylishly harmonious sleeping space. To provide a little assistance, we’ve located our top 9 bedroom décor mistakes, with hints on how to fix them. See which you are guilty of below, and start rectifying them today!

1. Adding the wrong sized rug

homify Modern style bedroom

Unlike this room, the wrong sized rug is definitely one of the most common issues. Take some cues from this room and choose a rug that helps your space to feel cosy, while its size allows it to be placed in the perfect position. When in doubt, choose an area rug to cover most of the room, as this will almost always look appropriate. 

3. Not organising your workspace

THE LIVIA homify Modern style bedroom

A workspace in your bedroom can be a blessing and also a curse. Remember to keep your desk tidy if you want your bedroom and sleeping area to offer a good, unencumbered night's rest.

4. Not making the bed

APPARTEMENT BOHEME CHIC AU MASCULIN, cristina velani cristina velani Scandinavian style bedroom

One simple step that takes less than 5 minutes every morning is making the bed. This will help your room to feel open and welcoming, while imparting a sense of cleanliness and completeness.

5. Too few or too many accessories

UNA VILLA DE LUJO EN MORAIRA, Laura Yerpes Estudio de Interiorismo Laura Yerpes Estudio de Interiorismo Mediterranean style bedroom

Too few or too many accessories can cause your room to feel uninviting, cluttered or cold. Add your accoutrements piece by piece, checking how the room feels each time, and stop once your desired aesthetic is achieved. 

6. Not enough natural light

Proyectos de interiorismo varios , estudio 60/75 estudio 60/75 Modern style bedroom

Designers know the benefit of natural light within a bedroom and you should too! Just because a room needs to be dark at night to sleep, doesn't mean it shouldn't be filled with bright light during the day. Look at your window dressings and opt for something that will encourage light, while offer darkness at night. 

7. A mismatched colour scheme

Bedroom homify Modern style bedroom

Unlike this bedroom, a mismatched colour scheme can end up making your room feel uninviting and poorly assembled. Choose a colour family and stick to it, and add colour in increments to gauge its intensity on the overall ambience of the room. 

8. Bad lighting

Лофт, Interiorbox Interiorbox Industrial style bedroom

Bad lighting will swiftly reduce your stylish space into an uninviting disaster. Opt for lighting that comes from more than one source and take some cues from these gorgeous hanging amber bulbs above!

9. Not enough space for your clothes

Príncipe real apartment lisbon, fala fala

If you don't have enough space in your dresser you can always add a hanging rail such as this. This is a far more practical addition as opposed to keeping a jam-packed and ultimately messy dresser. 

9. Messy cabling and cords everywhere

'Lilac' Girl's study/bedroom furniture set by Siluetto homify Nursery/kid’s room Beds & cribs

Messy cords and cables are often a huge problem in bedrooms, especially those with too few outlets. Try purchasing some cable keepers or tidies, which will assist in providing a clean, crisp and clutter free ambience. 

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