23 modern and spectacular wooden kitchens!

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There are countless styles we use to decorate our kitchens, and of course there are designs for all tastes, sizes, and needs. To each we can grant a unique personality, choosing the materials and colours that most identify with us, which makes it distinctly ours and on top of all that, a lovely kitchen to live it and enjoy it to the fullest. 

In this article, we will give you sensational ideas to design a modern wooden kitchen, so you too can endow it with all the warmth and hospitality you desire.

Come and see!

1. Wood in a cozy kitchen

Wood is one of the top choices of materials to use in the home, so we see it present in all environments, not just the kitchen. Here we see a lovely extension of the material into the dining room.

2. U-shaped to optimize space

Wood can be placed from the furniture to the floor, achieving a total unit that wraps the space warmly regardless of its dimensions, making it modern, elegant, and distinguished.

3. Wood everywhere! (And in combination with other materials)

When wooden furniture is included in the kitchen, we obtain a warm and comfortable space, which is ideal as the meeting place for family and friends.

4. With an island in the centre

Regardless of the size of the kitchen, incorporating wooden furniture not only solves the problems of organization and storage, you will also have a piece of furniture that will last a long time.

5. Bright and perfect!

The wood in light tones brings in light and gives a sophisticated and fresh air to the space, so if your kitchen is small, use light wood in combination with white.

6. Modern and stylish

Wood is a material that adapts to any decorative style, from rustic, minimalist, and vintage to the most avant-garde.

7. Noble by nature

Wood is an ecological material–it is recyclable and biodegradable. It's very beautiful in nature, so it is pleasant both for its aesthetics, texture, and its characteristic smell in the home.

8. Wood in dark tone, maximum elegance!

One of the advantages of designing a modern kitchen with wood is that we can change its colour according to our tastes, or leave it in its natural tone; Everything will depend on the rest of the decoration of the space.

9. With functional and beautiful furniture

There are many options to include wood in a modern kitchen; One of them is to fashion cabinets to the wall to the ceiling or to a considerable height, where you can organize all your kitchen odds and ends.

10. Achieving unity and harmony

You can also include furniture to place under the work surfaces, maintaining the style and harmony of all elements of the kitchen.

11. Nude structures

Hillside Farm Kitchen Two DUA Architecture LLP Modern style kitchen
DUA Architecture LLP

Hillside Farm Kitchen Two

DUA Architecture LLP

The exposed structures in the kitchen such as beams, columns, and window frames can look spectacular in the natural state of the wood and still maintain the modern style with accessories and furniture.

12. With a nice dining room

If you have space in your kitchen for a dining room, you can incorporate a wooden table such as oak, pine, or cherry; Each one has a different hue and the shape of its grains also offer an exquisite variety for decoration.

13. With the brightness of stainless steel

Wood combines with the most modern appliances, among which is stainless steel; Its shine will look spectacular in front of the elegance of the wood.

14. Kitchen supporter

Having an island in the kitchen has never been easier, and to bring the style of your kitchen to another level of avant-garde, you cannot miss this decoration. Whether it is a professional island or a piece of furniture that you have adapted, a wooden island will be the sophisticated touch.

15. With small vintage characteristics

In addition to combining with all styles, wood also combines with all colours; The idea of having a modern kitchen with vintage characteristics will look sensational, as we can see in this image.

16. In a glowing white kitchen

White kitchens have a particular charm because they transmit cleanliness, freshness, and luminosity instantly. These features can make kitchens look a little cool, so including wood in the furniture is the ideal solution to add warmth.

17. Natural looking

Wood kitchen furniture needs certain treatments to make them resistant to moisture, heat, and stains, so they can be expensive. Laminate wooden furniture is an excellent choice to have the look of this material without the cost.

18. Sensational shelves

When we don't have many storage areas in the kitchen, we can use shelves to help us. The best thing is that we can make them out of wood so that they also help us to decorate the environment.

19. Lovely walls

Cladding on the kitchen walls in wood will certainly make your room look spectacular. If these walls also contain built-in appliances, the design will steal your breath away.

20. Simplicity and elegance

Wood is one of the materials most appreciated in minimalist trends, so for a kitchen of these characteristics, it is absolutely ideal. Monochromatic and elegant, this kitchen is decorated with the simplicity of its furniture and the texture of the wood.

21. Tradition and modernity

Combining wood with other natural elements like concrete will give your kitchen traditional charm with a hint of modernity.

22. Lacquered wood

Wood kitchens do not necessarily have to stay in their natural colour. They can also be lacquered or painted in your favourite tone. Kitchens with vintage or retro flair has come back with a vengeance and looks exquisite and genuine.

23. Accentuating warmth and natural appearance

The natural, cosy, and warm look of the wood will be enhanced in the kitchen with beautiful plants or flowers, as we can see in this example. The reddish tones of the wood contrast beautifully with the white that hangs from the pinched roof.

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Which of these wooden kitchens inspired you to change yours? We'd love to hear from you below!

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