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The 5 best Before and After projects from 2016!

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Now that we're coming to the end of 2016, it's time to review the best Before and After projects from this year. Everyone loves a great grim to gorgeous story from beginning to end, so we've got 5 of the top projects to show you to round up the year. Housing projects will always be fascinating to watch and they keep on coming.

From the drab and dreary to the divine and incredible, it's all here. We'll be hopping from minimalist apartments to dug-up gardens to refurbished family homes, so buckle up and join us!

1. Before: uninspiring and outdated

Once, this compact home was a dreary, old-fashioned place. The furniture was from another century, the room swelled any light it could get, and the overall design didn't take into account its limited space. All of the walls were dirty and the mahogany dining table looked clunky and felt out of place in a room that had so much potential…

1. After: fresh new look

Now, the apartment shines in bright, clean white and a vivid blue. It is fitted with a brand new kitchen; new units, fresh walls and chrome appliances. The revamp totally transforms our image of it from a dusty and dreary box stuck in the wrong century to a pristine and inspiringly industrial kitchen of our dreams. All the modern fittings meet the subtle industrial touches of the chic hanging pendant lights, beautifully lighting the refreshing pop of colour from the dining chairs. Space is saved now that the clunky old dining set has disappeared, replaced with this efficient new table with modern dining chairs.

Now that the apartment feels like a dream. Everything is kept minimalist and simple; the designers have done away with the giant mahogany cabinet as well as the other non-essentials in the flat. We love this transformation—it's a complete change from the horror of before!

2. Before: first stages of construction

This house was a hollowed-out, dirty shell of a family home. One look at it and you could see it was crumbling, a shadow of what it could be. In its first stages of construction, it was messy and had holes in the walls—not your perfect living room.

2. After: modern living room

After the design was finished, it became a very stylish modern living room. It's now decked out in all the essentials: a cosy sofa, plenty of comfy cushions, sizeable coffee table and a large mirror, which adds a tiny pop of sparkle. The brand new neutral colour scheme keeps it modest despite a clearly stunning design and contemporary décor. In the corner, we can see the new industrial style spiral staircase, which gives you a fair view of the entire room as you ascend to the newly refurbished second storey. And this is just one half of the room!

2. After: open-plan kitchen

The house's new kitchen occupies a small area of the storey, but it's an incredibly functional and modern design that makes being in it. The open-plan design makes the space feel so much more connected and airy, as well as more social and practical. The only thing that acts as a kind of boundary between the kitchen and the living room is the mahogany TV stand that holds the brand new flat-screen TV, which brings a gorgeously rich earthy tone to the room.

3. Before: average garden

Before it's reboot, the garden had a sad, unkempt feeling about it; a dry, almost grey lawn that just didn't satisfy the owners. Here, they were outlining their plans for what they hoped would revive their small garden…

3. After

Ta-da! A truly magnificent result from what used to be a pretty bland little garden. Now it has a purpose and a use—fun and relaxation. The pool's stone border is a beautiful mixture of grey tones, also acting as a base for plants to slowly grow up the yellow wall. The cream-coloured tiles border the pool and the new lush grass, which provides a much-needed burst of freshness into a small but stunning pasture. 

4. Before: out-dated and boring

This is yet another example of a room that is stuck in years gone by. All we can see is an old-fashioned tablecloth and chunky furnishings like the fridge and freezer. The kitchen desperately needed a fresh coat of paint; the walls and ceiling looked dim and dirty. 

4. After: new lease of life

A new design has saved this project from decades past. Everything has been newly fitted, including the wooden laminate floor and the kitchen units. It is all clear of junk and ready to be lived in and share its new vitality!

It's such an incredible change from its former self. The kitchen is kitted out with all new modern fittings, while the dining area has new walls and lighting so that it always feels fresh. It no longer looks dim and dirty, thanks to a fresh coat of pain and new, warmer lighting.

5. Before: a neglected waste

This house looked practically destroyed before it was revived. It was left neglected and empty at the mercy of the elements, lonely and in need of a bit of tender loving care…

5. After: joyful revamp

Now a stunning vision, the house welcomes you with open arms. Its large area meant that the designer could throw all their ideas at it and they would fit perfectly. The addition of a spacious patio has given it space for potted plants and the possibility of a social area, which instantly injects a new burst of life into the home. A sheltered porch gives you a discreet new space of solitude.

So there we have it—the best Before and After projects of this year! We've seen the horrifying transform into the enviable and the crumbling become the wonderful. We hope you've enjoyed and have been inspired to take a look at your own projects for 2017! If you loved these Before and Afters, check out this transformation!

Which project is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below!
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