Renovation: a 50s style house made fashionable again

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We do love a bit of retro chic, but the original state of this Dutch house, was a bit too much for our tastes. But instead of letting the 50s style home fade into architectural oblivion, the design team at KLEURINKLEUR INTERIEUR & ARCHITECTUUR decided to turn it around and give it a new lease on life. 

Thanks to a reimagined color scheme and a focus on using slick, modern materials for the interior, this house is no longer a blast from the past. The end result is contemporary, polished and streamlined, and there's even some pretty appropriately colored feature walls and accessories in there. You'll see what we mean once we take a look around…

Before: untouched for decades.

While it's not a complete eye sore, this brick home is definitely not a building belonging to this decade, or offering anything exciting to look at. But as the construction is solid and still in good condition, it would have been a shame to demolition any of the walls…

After: the new house on the block.

… Which is why the architects actually only just updated the superficial exterior, without altering the actual structure. It still has two levels, a side wing, long driveway and a beautiful front garden, but all have been bought into the current decade.

Now the bricks have been lightened and contrasted against the black lower level, and light wooden paneling has been added to the front. This is one impressive facade facelift! 

The way it was.

Previously, the rear of the house looked a little worse for wear. The roofing was especially showing it's age and desperately needed some attention. These small, set in windows would have one hundred percent made the interior dark and gloomy, and the plants that were almost swallowing the walls wouldn't have helped either. 

Let's see if balance was restored… .

The way it should be.

Now with the bricks painted, the roof heightened and replaced, and the windows totally redesigned, this home is like a completely new model. Darker colors always look more contemporary and elegant, and darkening bricks is a bold idea, resulting in a unique, ultra-modern look for this building.  

The garden has been newly landscaped and trimmed back, letting the home, and the owners breathe again.  

A slice of sophistication.

And from another angle, you can see what a difference the shift in color palette makes. Not only does it freshen a stale exterior up, but now it makes the garden look even more lovely. Just how lush is that green grass and cheery blossom tree next to the house? 

Modern shapes and local colors.

Moving onto the interior, it is simply stunning and couldn't be any more 'of the now'. The floor has been finished in a trendy black ceramic tile with a gray grout, and an impressive feature wall now divides the dining room and the living room. 

Strong shapes, modern materials and bits of bright colors are the winning combination in this rejuvenated interior. We also love the use of the national color (orange) as a subtle homage to the house's Dutch heritage.

A hallway with hidden hooks.

The hallway is another brilliant design feature as it fits snugly to one side of the house, instead of running down the middle and taking up more space than it needs. Here it plays a secondary role to the main living areas, but with it's clever coat storage and lustrous walls means this is an unforgettable hallway.

Furniture from today.

And the thing to top the renovation off: slick and up-to-date furniture throughout the house. This lounge area has some pretty cool black sofas, a modern standing lamp and a unique autumnal colored carpet. And it's this unusual mix of colors, textures and styles that ensure this is a fresh and fashionable home now. Mission complete!

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