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The five best kitchen ideas we have seen in 2016

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With December upon us, it's a good time to start taking stock of what kind of year we've had, and try to find the true gems that will last with us for a long time, and potentially help shape what the upcoming year is going to look like. Therefore, we here at homify are composing several articles that are both looking back, and looking forward, like this one on Pantone colours, in order to try to predict what the future holds for us. Today's article will focus on the past, and try to isolate five of the best kitchen ideas, in an attempt to focus on what worked, so that we can further expand upon it in the coming new months.

The kitchen, has been a staple of the house for centuries, yet this doesn't mean that it can't be improved upon. New inventions are made on a daily basis, and some of them can benefit the kitchen space. Therefore, it pays off to keep one ear to the ground.

And standing in for that ear to the ground is this article, which will introduce things like clever use of bold colours, or even upgrading your wall to serve as yet another place for storage (though in a fashion you probably weren't expecting). So keep on scrolling, and get a taste of what the future has in store for you.

1. Going slim

A lot of space can sometimes be difficult to come by, especially in today's world. Instead, houses and apartments have started to gravitate towards smaller rooms, in order to save up on precious space. This has led to architects adapting to this new style, and coming up with novel and inventive ways of saving up on space, while still delivering the modern comforts you've come to expect. This trend does not seem to be slowing down any time soon, and in preparation for the upcoming year, we present to you one of ways in which the kitchens of 2016 dealt with this issue. 

While minimalism is a favourite in saving up space, the kitchen above manages to take it one step beyond. Not only does it go minimal, it also slims down the design. From chairs to the main cooking area, everything is suddenly more compact. While it may be strange at first glance, slimming things down give you that extra bit of space that regular minimalism misses out on, making sure you can fit in things like the little corner with pillows, so that you can have company over as you cook.

Set styles are great blueprints, but you really get the most out of them when you start playing around with them. So for next year, try to see just how far you can push a style. 

2. Bold colours can help define a space

If you're looking for ways to make your kitchen seem more profound, alternating between bold colours and something less profound, like white, will create a striking image, and immediately capture the attention of others.

However, colours don't have to be just for show. In fact, when used properly, they create a great language, with which to communitcate what is and isn't important. This often comes in the form of highlighting the working space with a different colour, as seen in the kitchen above. The black immediately stands out, and tells you that this space has a purpose. The yellow and white highlight various cupboards, and placing important things in the yellow ones will make them more easier to find later on, as you're eye will most likely be drawn there.

Items and colours don't just have to be pretty. They can also have a secondary, sometimes unseen, function. So when choosing something, think about that and how it may effect your kitchen.

3. Proper shelving

Yet another thing that is key for all future modern kitchens, is the proper use of shelving. As more and more new things get added to the kitchen, we'll soon start running out of space to put them somewhere. Therefore, in order to future proof your kitchen, take some inspiration from this 2016 kitchen, and start thinking about how to save on space.

However, just because it's shelving, doesn't have to mean that it has to be anything intricate. Brilliance lies in simplicity, and something as basic as a wooden plank to hold up your jars, or a metal rod to hold up all your cooking utensils, is easy to get your hands, and serves so many different functions, that's almost silly not to have it.

Always try to get the most out of a room. Even if that means adding shelving that you don't think you need now. You'll be thankful you have it, later down the line.

4. A different kind of shelf

Of course, you could always try something completely different. This wall takes shelves, and the concept of storage overall, to new and interesting heights. Definitely one of the more 'out there' ideas of 2016, this magnetic wall while definitely revolutionaise how you interact with pots and pans.

Instead of stacking things on the counter, thus robbing yourself of important working space, simply slap whatever is metal onto the wall, and only bother with it once it becomes useful. This can also be used for things that aren't  pots. Cutlery and alike can also be added to the wall, freeing up more space for plastic cooking utensil.

Save yourself from clutter, and turn your walls into both storage and modern art, with this captivating and absolutely brilliant wall.

5. Chalk down some great ideas

 Garden  by ashortwalk

Eco Chalk Board


Not every new idea has to be huge and take up most of the room. Sometimes, it's the small touches that really make a profound difference. One such item, is the chalk board, as seen above. While it may seem odd to have as one of the best ideas of 2016, bear with us.

Chalk boards are great for communication. While 2016 is an era in which talking to one another is made incredibly easy, somehow, messages manage to get lost in transit, and we end of not being on the same page. Having a chalk board in your kitchen creates a central place, where people can leave messages to one another. Or, if you want, you can also leave behind tasty recipes, meaning that you can always come back to your favourite dish.

Despite being so small and simple, this chalk board can do wonders to not only your kitchen, but your entire home. So get in touch with those around you, and share tasty foods to make the other happy.

And if you're looking for further inspiration for a great Malaysian kitchen, this article has got some ideas for you.

Which type of storage do you prefer? The more traditional shelves, or the magnetic wall? We love to hear from you, so tell us below!
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