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Dream attics: 9 inspiring examples!

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Having an attic may well be one of the best things that your home can offer! It's a secret amenity that most overlook, yet it can prove to be a great ally for your day-to-day activities. Whether you need a quiet office space, a relaxation spot with a view, a game room, or a fabulous party room, attics can quickly come to the rescue—and especially for those on a budget! 

As the year quickly comes to an end, we hope to inspire you to prepare your attic space to evolve with you and your hobbies. Make it a New Years resolution to transform your attic into your personal space, we promise you won't regret it!

1. Living room

A living room is never too much, especially if we are talking about a space where you can escape when the house gets too populated. A space like this allows you to have time for yourself, to see a good movie or quietly continue reading the book that is on the bedside table!

2. Bathroom

Regardless of whether you're single, or coupled, a bathroom is an immense part of your life—so why not create a suite in the attic? You'll win both privacy and a unique space that allows you to be completely at ease! A bathroom like here, with a bath, makes it possible to have those romantic evening baths without ever leaving home. 

Want to turn your attic into a stylish spa bathroom? Check out this great article!

3. Bedroom

In the attic, this room gets a whole new concept! It creates a very intimate environment and at the same time it is light and lovely. Move to the upper floor of your home and see how peaceful your sleep will be!

4. Young and fun environment

It can be a small apartment, a public room or a private room, but a loft allows you to create different and interesting spaces. For younger people, bright colors can prevail without having that common fear that we are exaggerating the gaiety. Colourful chairs, tables with colour… how wonderful!  And do not forget to use natural light by the placement of skylight windows on the ceiling!

5. Game room

A game room can be a perfect place in your home: pool table, table football, board games… the possibilities are endless when it comes to your hobbies! So, if you do not know how to occupy your attic, why not add a game room to captivate your guests? And remember, you can always keep within your budget, a game room never has to be extravagent!

6. Work or relaxation

Whether for work or to relax after a tiring day, your attic needs natural light, artificial light, comfortable seating and coffee table. A secretarial area is essential if you want to make it a workspace, but while the idea is to have a place to relax while drinking a glass of wine or tea, you may want to have a good sofa or some puffy pillows.

7. Library

Simply add bookshelves—then your Beauty and the Beast style library is on its way!

8. What a view

An attic is at the top of a building, right? So we can not close our eyes to the fantastic view we may have from there! Opt for large windows, where you can catch 'between' light and the surrounding buildings!

9. Studio

To have a good studio it does not need to be a huge space! Take advantage of the existing floor area and make your attic a perfect apartment for your eldest son or to rent for short or long term. Take the slope of the roof to create storage and try to have as minimal walls as possible so that the areas do not become tiny and claustrophobic.

We hope that you see how your attic can add loads of fun and strategic living space to your home—don't let the cobwebs settle for too long! Get out and enjoy it!

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